Summer 2019 Course Offerings

GE Courses

French 1801: "The French Mediterranean: Sea, Sex, and Sun"

4-week Session 1, GE Literature, GE Diversity: Global Studies

Professor Patrick Bray, MWF 11:25 am - 2:35 pm

This course will explore France’s geographical, historical, political, and cultural ties to the Mediterranean Sea in the modern era through film, literature, and popular culture.  What place does the Mediterranean hold in the French imaginary?  While the idyllic beaches of the Côte d’Azur evoke an image of luxury and decadence throughout France and the world, the docks of Marseille (the busiest port in the Mediterranean) and other port cities in the Mediterranean basin are subject to the often hidden workings of global capitalism.  In this course we study how the Mediterranean offers contrasting images of tourism, desire, wealth, and power from the late nineteenth century to the present.  Films and stories by Camus, Godard, Sagan, Zola, Hitchcock, Truffaut, and others.  Taught in English. Knowledge of French not required.

Italian 2053: "Italian Cinema, Sex and Politics"

4-week Session 1, GE Visual Performing Arts and Diversity Global Studies

Instructor TBA, MWF 11:25 am - 2:35 pm

This course looks at films and serial television by several important Italian directors and touches upon major movements in Italian screen history, including Neorealism, commedia all’italiana, political cinema, the spaghetti western, mafia movies, queer cinema, the film noir and quality television.


French Courses

French 1101.01, 1102.01, 1103.01 - Beginning French I, II, and III Classroom (4 credit hours)

6-week Session 1, TWRF 10:20 am - 12:25 pm

French 1101.51, 1102.51, 1103.51 - Beginning French I, II, and III Individualized Instruction (2-4 credit hours)

8-week Session 2

French 1101.61, 1102.61, 1103.61 - Beginning French I, II, and III Individualized Distance Learning (2-4 credit hours)

8-week Session 2

French 6571, 6-week Session 1: French Reading for Research

MWF 12:40 pm - 2:45 pm

Designed primarily for students who have no formal preparation in French; covers basic grammar and vocabulary and develops students' reading skills. Credit does not apply to the minimum number of hours required for the master's or doctoral degrees. 


Italian Courses

Italian 1102.01 Classroom, 4-week Session 1

4-week Session 1, MTWRF 9:10 am - 12:25 pm

Italian 1103.71 Online, 4-week Session 1

Italian Online Courses


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