Dissertations in Progress


Kirby Childress

Queer(ing) Trauma: Understanding the Role of Affect in Creating Visual Empathy through Contemporary French Film and Band Dessinée

Advisor: Maggie Flinn

Badou Fall

From Negritude to Migritude: Rethinking the Relevance of the Concept of Africanness in the Genealogy of African Literature

Advisor: Lucille Toth, Adeleke Adeeko

Eric Scaltriti

Shifting Borders: Contemporary Italian Documentary of Migration

Advisor: Dana Renga

Joseph White

L'hétérogénéité langagière dans la littérature contemporaine aux Antilles: polyphonie, dialogisme et interactionnisme chez Chamoiseau, Glissant, Confiant, Condé, Maximin et Dracius

Advisor: Cheikh Thiam, Jennifer Willging

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