Dissertations in Progress

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Lauren DeCamilla
Body Politics and the Uncanny: New Italian Horror's Final Girl
Advisor: Dana Renga

Stephanie Garvelink
Examining the Effects of Semantic Elaboration on L2 Vocabulary Learning for Different Levels of Learners of French (in Latin)
Advisor: Wynne Wong

Laurene Glimois
The Effects of Input Flood, Structured Input, Explicit Information and Language Background on Beginner Learner’s Acquisition of a Target Structure in Mandarin Chinese
Advisor: Wynne Wong

Mackenzie Leadston
Theorizing the Comic Object in Classic French Cinema
Advisor: Maggie Flinn

Daniel Paul
Redefining a Gendered Genre: Representations of Masculinity in Contemporary Italian Teen Film
Advisor: Dana Renga

Xinyi Tan
Exotes en Asie francophone: François Cheng, Kim Thúy, Shan Sa and Ying Chen
Advisor: Danielle Marx-Scouras

Brian Troth
Risky Business: A Reworking of Risk in the Era of the Post-Post Aids in France
Advisor: Lucille Toth, Maggie Flinn

Joseph White
L'hétérogénéité langagière dans la littérature contemporaine aux Antilles: polyphonie, dialogisme et interactionnisme chez Chamoiseau, Glissant, Confiant, Condé, Maximin et Dracius
Advisor: Cheikh Thiam