Graduate Alumni

The Department of French and Italian loves to keep up with the successes of our alumni. Below you will find their stories. More to come shortly!

Anais Wise, Ph.D. in French and Francophone Studies, 2012Anais Wise

When Anais applied for a training position at Foreign Service Institute (FSI), the notice of the receipt of her application informed her that over 850 other candidates had applied for the same position. She had thought FSI would be the best venue for her to perfect the business, communication, cross-cultural, and intellectual skills she had developed through her career but she assumed she would not be selected from such a vast pool of applicants. Little did she know that this notification would lead to successful preliminary interviews, to her selection of that position, and that she soon would be teaching at FSI. Anais started as an Instructor, teaching French to Foreign Service Officers and members of 30+ USG. The best parts of that position were the small number (2-4) of students per class and the world knowledge that these professional students brought to the table as learners.  She then conducted Research and Development for over a year, creating material for the new curriculum “Cap Diplomatie” entirely designed on Task-Based Instruction principles. She was then promoted to Language Training Specialist, and recently completed a rotation as Acting Language Training Supervisor, where she oversaw classes and the training progress of a dozen students. She has also been involved in Immersive Learning Environment (ILE) projects that stem from having a holodeck on FSI’s facilities. “Creating authentic situations with the help of this technology allows our students to familiarize themselves with foreign culture and language in an array of situations, with the same visual, auditory and tactile stimuli that they will experience at post”.  Working at Department of State has allowed Anais to combine her love for rhetoric, her commitment to intellectual growth and her desire to make a difference on the ground. This difference occurs not just for her students, but also for the local populations with whom those students interact. “The best reward is hearing of the successful interactions that our students, who had no knowledge of French prior to coming to FSI, are able to have with highly-ranked Francophone officials at post, as a result of their 30-week language training with us.”