Program Requirements for the M.A. in French and Francophone Studies


The majority of graduate courses in French and Francophone fall under the following categories:

I. Literature and Culture

  1. Middle Ages and Renaissance
  2. Modernity and Enlightenment
  3. Revolution and Beyond
  4. Francophone Studies

II. Film and Visual Culture

III. Language, Linguistics, and Second Language Acquisition

IV. Theory and Practice

The typical course load in our program is three graduate courses per semester, or 9 hours. Graduate students may, however, with the permission of the Graduate Advisor, register for up to 18 hours per semester, although it is recommended they take no more than 12 hours per semester. The minimum number of credit hours per semester for which an M.A. student must register to maintain full-time status is 8. A minimum of 36 graduate credit hours are required for the M.A. in French and Francophone Studies and must be distributed in the following way:

Required Course

7301 Teaching French at the College Level or equivalent (3 credit hours)

Introduction to Research/ Criticism/Theory course (3 credit hours)

5-6 French and Francophone core courses (15-18 credit hours)

8601 Theory & Practice (3 credit hours)

2-3 extradepartmental courses towards the GIS or Grad Minor (6-9 credit hours)

8998 Examination Preparation (3 credit hours)

Total: 36 credit hours

Sample Program


Autumn Semester

Spring Semester


7301 Teaching FRIT (3 hrs)   

Intro theory (3)

Core course (3)

9 or 12 hrs total

Core course (3)

Core course (3)

Outside course (3)

9 hrs total


Core course (3)

Core course (3)

Outside course (3)

9 hrs total

Core course (3)

8601 Theory and Practice (3)

8998 Exam Prep (3)


9 hrs total