Course Requirements - Ph.D. in French


The majority of graduate courses in French and Francophone Studies and SLA fall under the following categories:

I. Literature and Culture

  1. Middle Ages and Renaissance
  2. Modernity and Enlightenment
  3. Revolution and Beyond
  4. Francophone Studies

II. Film and Visual Culture

III. Language, Linguistics, and Second Language Acquisition

IV. Theory and Practice

In selecting courses, please note that Ph.D. students are expected to take 5000-, 6000-, 7000- and 8000-level courses. 8193, Individual Studies (independent study) may not be used to satisfy an area requirement without the approval of the Graduate Advisor. Independent study courses should be taken only as a last resort when regularly scheduled courses will not satisfy remaining requirements.

The minimum number of credit hours per semester for which a pre-candidacy graduate teaching associate must register to maintain full-time status is 8 (12 for fellowship students). The typical pre-candidacy course load in our program is three graduate courses per semester, or 9 hours (for fellowship students it is 4 courses). Graduate students may, however, with the permission of the Graduate Advisor, register for up to 16 hours per semester, although this many hours is not usually advisable.

Students are required to take one 8303 Teaching Apprenticeship at some point during their program (which is worth 1 to 3 credit hours depending on whether taken pre- or post- Candidacy). Students who have passed their candidacy exams must register for 8899 Dissertation Workshop (1 credit) the following semester and each semester until graduation.

Detailed Course Requirements and Sample Programs 







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