Course Requirements - Ph.D. in French

In consultation with the DGS and their advisors, Graduate Students in French and Italian will take FRIT seminars to ensure their well-rounded specialization and bolster the esprit de corps of our grad student community, while also being encouraged to take classes outside the department to establish an interdisciplinary voice.

Course Credit Hours required:

  • 7301 Teaching French at the College Level or Equivalent
  • Research and Theory in French and Italian
  • Five core courses
  • At least 2 Elective courses
  • 8998 Examination preparation

The course load for graduate students who do not have a graduate teaching associateship (which include those in the combined BA/MA program) is four courses per semester, or 12 hours. Graduate students may, however, with the permission of the Graduate Advisor, register for up to 18 hours per semester, although it is recommended they take no more than 12 hours per semester. A minimum of 30 graduate credit hours are required for the MA. in French and Francophone Studies and must be distributed as indicated above.