Graduate Courses in French

Unless otherwise noted, all courses are 3 credit hours.

5101 Advanced French Grammar

5102 Advanced Pronunciation and Accents of the Francophone World

5103 French Translation and Interpretation

5194 Combined UG and Grad Group Studies (1-15 credit hours)

5104 World Wars and Beyond: Texts and Contexts

5105 Old French Old Occitan

5201 Gothic to Renaissance: Texts and Contexts

5202 Versailles to the Enlightenment:  Texts and Contexts

5203 Romanticism to Surrealism:  Texts and Contexts

5204 World Wars and Beyond:  Texts and Contexts

5205 Black Africa and Diaspora: Texts and Contexts

5206 North Africa:  Texts and Contexts

5207 Quebec:  Texts and Contexts

5401 The Sun King to World War I (culture)

5402 The Roaring 20s to the 21st Century (culture)

5403 Topics in French-Speaking Cultures and Literatures (1-5 credit hours)

5701 Topics in French and Francophone Cinema

6193 Graduate Individual Studies (1-15 credit hours)

6194 Graduate Group Studies (1-15 credit hours)

7301 Teaching French and Italian at the College Level

7601 Introduction to Graduate Studies in FRIT

8101 Topics in French Linguistics

8193 Graduate Individual Studies (1-15 credit hours)

8194 Graduate Group Studies (1-15 credit hours)

8201 Medieval and Renaissance Studies

8202 Classical and Enlightenment Studies

8203 Modern and Contemporary Studies

8204 Francophone Studies

8205 French and Francophone Studies Across Boundaries

8301 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition

8302 Issues in Second Language Studies

8303 Teaching Apprenticeship

8401 Studies in French Culture

8601 Theory and Practice (variable topics)

8602 Comparative French and Italian Studies

8701 French and Francophone Cinema

8899 Dissertation Workshop

8998 Pre-Candidacy Research (1-18 credit hours)

8999 Dissertation Research (1-30 credit hours)