Teaching Apprenticeship FR/IT 8303

FR/IT 8303 is an apprenticeship for doctoral students to work with faculty members on the design and teaching of 2000 to 3000-level language, linguistics, literature, culture, and film courses. Students may register for the 8303 up to 2 times during the graduate program and for up to 3 credit hours each time they take it. Interested students should contact the faculty member who will teach the course in which they are interested the following semester.


The faculty mentor will discuss with the apprentice the goals and expected learning outcomes of the course; how the reading list, activities, and assignments are intended to help students reach those goals; and how the examinations and other graded assignments are intended to measure those expected outcomes.

The apprentice will attend the course regularly.

The faculty mentor will discuss with and demonstrate to the apprentice how s/he writes and evaluates assignments and examinations.

Twice during the semester, the apprentice will be asked to plan and teach a lesson on the syllabus under the guidance and supervision of the faculty mentor. The mentor will then provide to the student oral and written feedback on each of his/her lessons.

At the end of the semester, the apprentice will submit two assignments:

A. an annotated bibliography compiled in consultation with the faculty mentor, covering (1) a number of possible primary texts (other than those used in the course being taught) that could be used in such a course, and (2) a number of important secondary sources that provide background for teaching the course.

B. A complete syllabus for a course similar to the one in which s/he apprenticed and that s/he could submit with a job application.

Apprentices are not to serve as graders, research associates, or substitute teachers for the faculty member. The teaching apprenticeship is for the benefit of the student; it serves to give him/her experience and training in conceiving, constructing, and teaching an intermediate-level course.

Students who have done a graduate apprenticeship will have priority over students who have not when the department is able to assign a 2000- or 3000-level course to a graduate teaching associate.