Media initiatives: Free Online Courses

Free, Open-access Course on Teaching Foreign Languages in the Target Language

Professor Janice Aski creates a free, open-access course on teaching foreign languages in the target language using a purposeful and interactive approach. This course is being used by language teachers all over the world.

Description: This course is an introduction to foreign language classroom teaching for instructors who wish to teach exclusively in the target language; want a student-centered rather than teacher-centered classroom; believe that purposeful and meaningful interaction is essential for learning/acquisition to occur; want their students to cognitively engage with the material; and want to create a learning environment in which students feel comfortable interacting with the instructor and their peers.

Teaching Foreign Languages in the Target Language

iTunes U course on New Research Trends in Italian Screen Studies

Professor Dana Renga and Graduate Student Daniel Paul author an iTunes U course on New Research Trends in Italian Screen Studies.

Description: Over the last ten years, Italian screen studies has flourished. This seminar is interested in taking stock of the discipline, considering what changes we have seen over the last decade, asking where we are now, and reflecting on where we might be headed. To this end, this course includes Video Conferencing sessions with ten scholars from the US and the UK working on cutting edge topics in Italian screen studies to include teen film, fascist colonial cinema, neorealism, mafia cinema, migration cinema, serial television, star studies, the terrorist film and the biopic, new queer cinema, popular cinema and the cinepanettone, and postfeminism.

Tunes U Course on New Research Trends in Italian Screen Studes


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