CLLC Radio Broadcasts

French or Italian 3570

Registration by Permission of the Instructor | Arranged, Instructor: Rebecca Bias

CLLC Radio is an Independent Study course in which students train to be the DJ of French or Italian radio broadcasts performed in the target language on Arts and Humanities Streaming Radio at OSU. The DJ technical training is onsite in the HIS Hypermedia Studio in Hagerty Hall.

Students will develop a broad knowledge of target language radio broadcast history, programming, and content through web research at reliable sites and by previewing current and archived live broadcast programs. After preparing an approved one-hour script with their partner, including pronunciation practice before each broadcast, they will serve as a DJ for three live one-hour broadcasts. 

Listen to Past Broadcasts

# fuori c'è il sole (Lorenzo Fragola)

Alex EminaStudent Emina Causevic recorded a cover of one of her favorite Italian songs as part of the broadcast.

DJ Emina Causevic, Italian

Broadcast #1

Broadcast #2

Broadcast #3


DJs Catherine Vinci and Lisa Iwasaki, Italian

Broadcast #1

Broadcast #2


DJs Madison Boyer and Justin Centa, French

DJs Sara Davidson and Marissa Black, French

CLLC Radio

AU17 Broadcast

AU17 Broadcast