First Contact


Your first contact is the person who can help you answer questions such as "Should I major in Italian?" or "How will minoring in French enhance my career opportunities?" A meeting with your first contact will help you answer those questions, as well as plan your program, a study abroad experience, and potential courses.


If you're thinking about a minor or major in French, reach out to Gloria Torrini-Roblin.

If you're thinking about a minor in Italian, or a major in Italian, Italian Studies, or Romance Studies, reach out to Janice Aski.


Undergraduate Handbook

Download PDF FRIT Undergraduate Handbook 2018-2019

Undergraduate Directory 2018-2019

Department of French and Italian, Hagerty Hall Room 200, 292-4938
Academic Program Coordinator: Sonya Afanasyeva (afanasyeva.1), Hagerty Hall Room 200F
Chair of French and Italian: Prof. Dana Renga (renga.1), Hagerty Hall Room 200H

ASC Undergraduate Advisor (Majors and Minors)
          Andy Spencer (spencer.4)  Room 355 292-8485
Faculty Major Advisors:
         Prof. Margaret Flinn (flinn.62)  Room 224 
         Prof. Sarah-Grace Heller (heller.64)  Room 230
Honors Advisors: 
         Prof. Benjamin Hoffmann (hoffmann.312)  Room 221
         Prof. Danielle Marx-Scouras (marx-scouras.1)  Room 229
         Prof. Jennifer Willging (willging.1)  Room 213
Minor/Honors Minor Advisor: 
         Dr. Gloria Torrini-Roblin (torrini-roblin.1)  Room 308 
Director of French Language Program: 
         Prof. Wynne Wong (wong.240)  Room 238

ASC Undergraduate Advisor (Majors and Minors)
         Emily Carpenter (carpenter.438)  Room 355 292-8485
Faculty Major Advisor (Italian and Italian Studies):
         Prof. Janice Aski (aski.1)  Room 214
Honors Advisor:
         Prof. Janice Aski (aski.1)  Room 214
Minor Advisor:
         Emily Carpenter (carpenter.438)  Room 355 292-8485
Director of Italian Language Program:
         Prof. Janice Aski (aski.1)  Room 214
Romance Studies
French as Primary Language
         Prof. Jennifer Willging (willging.1)  Room 213
Italian as Primary Language
         Prof. Janice Aski (aski.1)    Room 214

Transfer/EM Credit Evaluation
         Dr. Julie Parson (parson.30)   Room 233
         Dr. Ted Emery (emery.68)   Room 308  
Study Abroad
         Dr. Julie Parson     Room 233
         Ms. Carla Onorato (wysokinski.1)   Room 308