Courses taught in English


with the Italian course listing in the Department of French and Italian



Prerequisites and Limitations

2051 - Fictions of Italy: Medieval and Renaissance Literature and Society


2052 - Fictions of Italy: Modern and Contemporary Literature and Society


2053 - Introduction to Italian Cinema


2054 - Dante in Translation

English 1110

2055 - Mafia Movies


2061 - Mediterranean Food Culture


3051 – Italian Romance Epic


3XXX – All roads lead to Rome? Topics in Italian Studies (in progress)


ITALIAN 4XXX (topics in French and Italian to be proposed)


5051 - Latin and the Romance Languages

Equivalent of 1103 in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, or Latin, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for RomLing 5051 or Clas 5051.

5890 - Italian Seminar

qualified undergraduates with permission of instructor

5194 – Group Studies


3797 - Italy Abroad

No background in Italian required

3798.01 - The Italian City

One 3000-level course or permission of instructor

5797 – Study at a Foreign Institution

Depends on the program