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Typing Accent Marks


Using Microsoft Word, you may use the CONTROL key in combination with other keys to create accent marks. For each of the accents below, press the combination of keys indicated for the accent mark; then press the letter which is to be accented. (Note: nothing appears on the screen in the first step; it is only after the second step—when you type the letter itself—that the accented letter will appear.)

Example é: CONTROL + ' then e

accent aigu:
CONTROL + ' (apostrophe)
accent grave:
CONTROL + ` (accent grave)
accent circonflexe:
CONTROL + : (colon)
CONTROL + , (comma)

This is the easiest way to make accents. However, you may also use the "Symbol" feature (pull down the menu and click on the appropriate symbol), or the ALT key in combination with the appropriate code number for each accent. To do this:

  • Make sure that 'Num Lock' is on
  • Use the keypad on the right of the keyboard
  • While holding down the 'Alt' key, enter the 4-digit code for the desired symbol.
French Accent Marks
 0192 À  0224 à  0206 Î  0238 î   
 0194 Â 0226 â 0207 ï 0239 ï   
 0199 Ç 0231 ç 0212 Ô 0244 ô   
 0200 È 0232 è 0217 Ù 0249 ù   
 0201 É 0233 é 0219 Û 0251 û   
 0202 Ê 0234 ê 0220 Ü 0252 ü  0171 «
 0203 Ë 0235 ë 0140 Œ 0156 œ  0187 »

N.B.: Newer PC's may have keyboard short cuts for these symbols; check your manual. With some computers/software, there is also the possibility of switching to a French keyboard configuration.

Apple Computers

  • While holding down the 'option' key, press the letter for the desired accent mark:
     e for  ´
     ` for  `
     u for  ¨
     i for  ˆ
  • Nothing will appear on the screen yet and the cursor will not move forward.
  • Let go of the 'option' key and type in the letter you wish to place under the accent mark. Use the shift key as normal for capital letters.
Other characters
 ç Press 'option' and 'c' at the same time
 œ Press 'option' and 'q' at the same time
 « Press 'option' and '\' at the same time
 Ç Press 'option', 'shift' and 'c' at the same time
 Œ Press 'option', 'shift' and 'q' at the same time
 » Press 'option', 'shift' and '\' at the same time