Undergraduate Majors & Minors

Many opportunities for the study of,French, and Italian await you both here at OSU and in our study abroad programs in France, Canada, Senegal, and Italy. We are glad that you are considering a major or minor in French, Italian, Italian Studies, and/or Romance Studies and are planning to use your knowledge of the language to enhance your global career opportunities and to increase your ability to communicate with speakers of French and Italian.

Undergraduate Handbook

Download PDF FRIT Undergraduate Handbook 2018-2019

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Double Majors

Today’s students often combine majors and minors with a second (or even third) major or minor.  You might be interested in knowing that students from many different departments are continuing their study of French and Italian beyond the required GEC courses.  Students in French and Italian also major or minor in subjects as varied as Arabic, Architecture, Art History, Biology, Biomedical Science, Business, Communications, Comparative Studies, Computer Systems Engineering, English, Exercise Science, Hospitality Management, International Studies, Italian, Japanese, Linguistics, Logistics, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Nursing, Nutrition, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Russian, Spanish and Textiles. For example, A major in French or Italian pairs well with majors throughout the University, such as  International Business which requires three semesters of a foreign language and an international experience, with several internship opportunities in France and Italy. If you are interested in examples of how to fast-track a double major, see our ‘Double your major, double your value’ page. If you are interested in more information about career opportunities in which you can use your language, we invite you to visit the Center for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures’ Career page. To see what a number of recent undergraduate alumni in French and Italian are doing with their degrees, see the Why Study French or Italian.

Clubs and Activities

We invite you to participate in French Club and Italian Club activities. You can enjoy coffee and conversation at Café+ (which takes place in the Crane Café in Hagerty Hall).  Check the schedule of the Crane Café to see when you can watch French and Italian television programs.

Undergraduate Directory 2018-2019

Department of French and Italian, Hagerty Hall Room 200, 292-4938
Academic Program Coordinator: Sonya Afanasyeva (afanasyeva.1), Hagerty Hall Room 200F
Chair of French and Italian: Prof. Dana Renga (renga.1), Hagerty Hall Room 200H

ASC Undergraduate Advisor (Majors and Minors)
          Dr. Andy Spencer (spencer.4)  Room 355 292-8485
Faculty Major Advisors:
         Prof. Margaret Flinn (flinn.62)  Room 224 
         Prof. Sarah-Grace Heller (heller.64)  Room 230
Honors Advisors: 
         Prof. Benjamin Hoffmann (hoffmann.312)  Room 221
         Prof. Danielle Marx-Scouras (marx-scouras.1)  Room 229
         Prof. Jennifer Willging (willging.1)  Room 213
Minor/Honors Minor Advisor: 
         Dr. Gloria Torrini-Roblin (torrini-roblin.1)  Room 308 
Director of French Language Program: 
         Prof. Wynne Wong (wong.240)  Room 238

ASC Undergraduate Advisor (Majors and Minors)
         Dr. Andy Spencer (spencer.4)  Room 355 292-8485
Faculty Major Advisor (Italian and Italian Studies):
         Prof. Janice Aski (aski.1)  Room 214
Honors Advisor:
         Prof. Janice Aski (aski.1)  Room 214
Minor Advisor:
         Dr. Andy Spencer (spencer.4)  Room 355 292-8485
Director of Italian Language Program:
         Prof. Janice Aski (aski.1)  Room 214
Romance Studies
French as Primary Language
         Prof. Jennifer Willging (willging.1)  Room 213
Italian as Primary Language
         Prof. Janice Aski (aski.1)    Room 214

Transfer/EM Credit Evaluation
         Dr. Julie Parson (parson.30)   Room 233
         Dr. Ted Emery (emery.68)   Room 308  
Study Abroad
         Dr. Julie Parson     Room 233
         Ms. Carla Onorato (wysokinski.1)   Room 308


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