Honors and Scholars


The Honors Program is for students who seek greater challenges than are afforded in the regular major. There are two ways to pursue Honors, the Honors Contract and the Senior Thesis. Both allow the student wide latitude in the choice of courses, while requiring that the program be significantly stronger than the traditional major. Students who wish to join the Honors Program should schedule an appointment in the ASC Honors Advising Office (207 Enarson Hall).  

Honors Contract

The Honors Contract is the mechanism that allows students to develop a liberal arts curriculum which, when approved by the ASC Honors Committee, admits them to candidacy for graduation with honors in the Liberal Arts. The Contract is likely to include honors courses, upper-level courses to meet Liberal Arts Core or Liberal Arts Requirements, seminars, advanced course sequences, and, often, more than the minimal number of hours required for the degree. The major area of emphasis may be a single discipline or a combination of disciplines.

An Honors Contract is arranged in close consultation with the Honors adviser. To graduate with honors in the Liberal Arts students must complete the Contract and graduate within the top 25% of their graduating class (an approximate gpa of 3.13). "With honors in the Liberal Arts" is designated on the transcript. 

The Senior Honors Thesis

The second option requires a thesis or report on a special topic of the student's choice written under the supervision of a faculty member. The student takes many of the normal courses for the major, but during the senior year, registers for a minimum of eight hours credit under the departmental thesis number, while preparing the thesis. The thesis may involve from one to two semesters of work, and can be for as many as 9 hours of credit. It is followed by a one-hour oral examination on the general topic of the thesis before three faculty members, two from the French and Italian faculty and one from another discipline or department. Normally, the French and Italian Honors adviser should be one of the French and Italian faculty on the examining committee. Students who complete and successfully defend the thesis will graduate with distinction if their cumulative point-hour ratio is in the top 25% of their class and their major point-hour ratio is a minimum 3.5.  

Undergraduate Research Scholarships and Small Grants

Each spring and autumn, the Honors Office in Arts and Sciences administers a competition for a $2000 tuition scholarship for students who are candidates for graduation with distinction. Deadlines for submitting proposals to the ASC Honors Advising Office (207 Enarson Hall) are mid-April and mid-November for the spring and autumn competitions. Proposals for The Pressey Honors Grant of up to $350 may be submitted at any time during the year by students who are candidates for graduation with distinction. Submit your proposals to University Honors, Honors House, 220 West 12th Avenue.

Departmental Honors Courses

French 1103.01H Honors Beginning French 3 Conversation and Composition  U4
Continued development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing with an emphasis on oral and written skills; focus on functional topics and thematic vocabulary.

French 2101.01H Honors Introduction to French and Francophone Studies  U3
Designed to stimulate oral and written expression through the use of literary and cultural readings, to develop critical skills, and the build analytical vocabulary.

French 3201H Honors French Literary and Visual Texts U3
Readings, concepts, and analysis of the relationship between literature, society, and the self as represented in different genres and periods of French Literature.

French 3202H Honors Literary and Visual Texts of the Francophone World U3
Readings and analysis of French-language literary texts as these relate to empire, nation, and identity.

French 4998H Honors Research (Permission of the Instructor)  U1-3

French 4999H  Honors UG Research Thesis U3-5
Offers undergraduates with special aptitudes the opportunity to do independent research under the guidance of a faculty adviser. Students writing senior Honors theses register for this course for from 3 to 15 credits per quarter up to 15 credits total.

Italian 4998H Honors Research (Permission of the Instructor) U1-3

Italian 4999H Honors Thesis (Permission of the Instructor)