Many opportunities for the study of Africa, French, and Italian await you both here at OSU and in our study abroad programs in Senegal, France, Canada and Italy. We are glad that you are considering a major or minor in French and/or Italian and are planning to use your knowledge of the language to enhance your global career opportunities and to increase your ability to communicate with speakers of French and Italian.


This handbook describes the academic programs in the Department of French and Italian and provides information about departmental majors and minors. If you are interested in a major or minor in French or Italian stop by our departmental office (200 Hagerty Hall), visit the department’s website, or contact the ASC/FRIT advisor Andrew Spencer ( for further information concerning the department's programs, policies and activities. 

Today’s students often combine majors and minors with a second (or even third) major or minor.  You might be interested in knowing that students from many different departments are continuing their study of French and Italian beyond the required GEC courses.  Students in French and Italian also major or minor in subjects as varied as Arabic, Architecture, Art History, Biology, Biomedical Science, Business, Communications, Comparative Studies, Computer Systems Engineering, English, Exercise Science, Hospitality Management, International Studies, Italian, Japanese, Linguistics, Logistics, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Nursing, Nutrition, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Russian, Spanish and Textiles. If you are interested in more information about career opportunities in which you can use your language, we invite you to visit the Foreign Language Center’s Career website.

We invite you to come to French Club or Italian Club or to enjoy coffee and conversation at Café + (Crane Café in Hagerty Hall) or Italian Conversation Hours (Hagerty Hall Roo, 337).  Check the schedule of the Crane Café to see when you can watch French or Italian television programs.