Italian Major

Course Requirements

General advising regarding the major is provided by the FRIT/ASC advisor, Andrew Spencer, in 355 HH. In addition, when you declare your major in Italian you will be assigned a faculty advisor who can advise you about research projects, setting academic and professional goals, graduate school, and help you develop the tools that you need to get the most out of your time at OSU. Please declare as soon as you know that you want to major in Italian so that you can consult frequently with your advisor.
One or two semesters before graduating, have your advisor sign your Italian Major Form (which can be obtained in 200 HH) and submit it to the college.

Students choosing to major in Italian must complete the following requirements:
Prerequisites (not credited toward the undergraduate major): Italian 1103 or 5101

Major Program

The major consists of a minimum of 30 hours of course work in the department chosen from the following list with the help of a major program advisor. All courses are three credits unless otherwise indicated.

Required Course

2102: Contemporary Italian society
Two courses at the 4000-level or above on the OSU campus selected from the list of electives below.

Electives (21 hours)

See the ‘Major requirements’ below for limitations.

2051: Fictions of Italy: Medieval and Renaissance literature and society (GE)

2052: Fictions of Italy: Modern and contemporary literature and society (GE)

2053: Italian cinema (GE)

2054: Dante in translation (GE)

2055: Mafia movies (GE)

2193: Individual studies (1-9 credits)

2194: Group studies (1-9 credits)

3051: The Crossroads of Romance: Tales of Heroes and Monsters from the Odyssey to Star Wars (GE)

3103: Styles and stylistics

3220: Italian culture through the ages

3221: Reading Italy: Italian literature and culture

3222: Modern Italian media

3223: The regions of Italy

3224: Post-unification Italy

3331: The languages of Italy

3332: The sounds of Italian

3570: FLC Radio show

3797: Italy Abroad (3-9 credits)

3798.01: The Italian City (3-9 credits)

3798.02: Experience Italy (3-9 credits)

4223: Italian cinema

4224: Survey of Italian literature

4225: Italian identities

4330: Structures of the Italian language

4998: Undergraduate research (Permission of instructor) (1-3 credits)

4998H: Honors research (Permission of instructor) (1-3 credits)

4999: Undergraduate thesis (Permission of instructor) (3-9 credits)

4999H: Honors thesis (Permission of instructor) (3-9 credits)

5051: Latin and the Romance languages

5193: Individual studies (Permission of instructor) (1-9 credits)

5194: Group studies (Permission of instructor) (1-9 credits)

5797: Study at a foreign institution (1-9 credits)

After studying abroad students often return with advanced languages skills. Students must receive the permission of the instructor and petition the Graduate School to take the following courses:

7301: Teaching French and Italian at the college level

8221: Studies in Italian literature: Author

8222: Studies in Italian literature: Genre

8223: Studies in Italian literature: Theme

8231: Dante studies

8232: Love and religion in the middle ages

8233: Boccaccio and the art of the short story

8242: Studies in Italian culture: Gender and genre.

8243: Studies in Italian cinema

8244: Studies in Italian culture: Italy at war

8245: Italian pop culture

8246: Studies in Italian culture: Migrating Italy

Major requirements

1. The major consists of a minimum of 30 hours of course work beyond 1103.
2. Majors must take one 3000-level course or It 2102 and at least two 4000-level or above courses TAUGHT IN ITALIAN.
3. Students may count 1 course taught in the English language (2051, 2052, 2053, 2054, 2055, 3051, 3797, 5051, and any course at the 7000- and 8000-level) toward the major. (Courses taught in the English language outside the Italian section do not count toward the major.)
4. Up to 9 credits of 3798.01, 3798.02 or 5797 may be counted toward the major. However, all majors must take one 3000-level course or It 2102 and at least two 4000-level or above courses TAUGHT IN ITALIAN.
5. Up to 3 credits of 2193 or 5193 and up to 6 credits of 2194 or 5194 may be counted toward the major provided that they are taught in the Italian language.
6. Up to 3 credits of 4998 (or 4998H) or up to 9 credits of 4999 (or 4999H) may be counted toward the major.
7. A minimum grade of C- is required in any course for it to count toward the major or minor.
8. Students bring their major form to Prof. Janice M. Aski (, 214 HH) for final approval. As part of the procedures for assessment of the major program, during that meeting, students will have a brief oral interview in Italian with Prof. Aski and complete a survey for graduating majors, which they submit to the office of the Department of French and Italian (200 HH). A random selection of students may be asked to volunteer to take an on-line proficiency test for program assessment purposes.

Transfer credit policy:

If you are transferring credit from another institution, you must have on the major program at least half of the semester credit hours earned at The Ohio State University. Your major program/department advisor, the chairperson of the department concerned, and the executive assistant dean in Arts and Sciences Advising must approve any request for a variation in this policy.

(revised 5-18-2015)

For more info or to declare a major or a minor, contact Sonya Afanasyeva or the French and Italian department (614-292-4938).