Beginning Language Program

At The Ohio State University there are many language options from which to choose. The French and Italian Department offers not only language skills at a beginning level, but also immersion into the widespread cultural heritage of the two languages. The Beginning Language Program is perfect for students looking to satisfy their GE Foreign Language Requirement or for students who would like to begin studying French or Italian. The Beginning Language Program consists of French or Italian 1101-1103. This three-course sequence satisfies the GE Foreign Language Requirement. The prerequisites for the French major or minor are French 1101-1103 and French 2101. The prerequisites for the Italian major or minor are Italian 1101-1103. To learn more about the French major or minor, Italian major or minor, or Romance Studies major, visit Majors & Minors.

Students on a study abroad trip ready for a soccer game in France


Placement Test

Students who have had formal instruction of French or Italian prior to entering OSU will take a Placement Test. Most incoming freshmen take the test during orientation. If you need to take the placement test outside of orientation, or if you would like to learn more about the test, please see French and Italian Placement Testing.

Transfer Credit

Students who have received college credit for French or Italian courses at another institution should refer to EM/Transfer Credit Information.


Courses within the Beginning Language Program are offered in a variety of formats. Any version of a course satisfies the GE requirement or the major/minor prerequisite.


1101.01 Beginning French 1
1101.51 Beginning French 2 Individualized
1102.01 Beginning French 2
1102.51 Beginning French 2 Individualized
1103.01H Honors Beginning French 3 Conversation and Composition
1103.01 Beginning French 3 Conversation and Composition
1103.02 Beginning French 3 Conversation
1103.03 Beginning French 3 Contemporary Culture
1103.04 Beginning French 3 Civilization
1103.51 Beginning French 3 Individualized
1155.01 Beginning French Review

More information on French Individualized Instruction


1101.01 Beginning Italian 1
1101.02 Beginning Italian 1 Hybrid
1102.01 Beginning Italian 2
1102.02 Beginning Italian 3 Hybrid
1103.01 Beginning Italian 3
1103.02 Beginning Italian 3 Hybrid