French Individualized Instruction

Program Description

French Individualized Instruction is an alternative to the classroom track. Students work at their own pace in this program and can register for 2-4 credit hours per semester. Students who complete the full number of credit hours of one course before the end of the semester may proceed to the next level. Our offerings consist of FR 1101, 1102, 1103, and 2101.

Students must have received a B- or higher in their previous French course to enroll in French Individualized Instruction courses.

Progress is sequential from one credit hour to the next, with proficiency at the level of 80% on oral and written tests required for advancement. Regular activities such as conversations, workbook exercises, and self-tests are part of the program. Writing assignments are also required at the 1103 and 2101 levels.

Daytime, evening, and week-end hours provide students with flexible scheduling.

Here are some FAQs about French Individualized Instruction.

Current Semester Information

Current Semester Instructor Schedule
Page containing instructor schedule for semester.

Semester Calendar 
Page containing the calendar for French Individualized Instruction for the current semester.

Semester Orientation Dates/Times                                                                                              
Page containing Beginning-of-the-semester orientation times for all students new to the French Individualized Instruction program.

Student Orientation Packet
The Introduction section explains Individualized Instruction and how to locate and utilize its related services. Detailed information about requirements for each of the I.I. courses follows.
This web site enables students to make appointments in Individualized Instruction.

Please check your Carmen page for your course for all of the information you need for the course.

Additional Resources

The online workbook website for French 1101, 1102, and 1103

OIT Language Lab:
The Digital Language Lab of The Ohio State University

The French Tutorial
This website presents grammar information as well as audio features to assist in the pronunciation of French.

Office de la langue française
This website is operated by the government of Quebec to assist English-speaking companies to "Frenchify" for conducting business in Quebec. Of particular interest are the links providing French vocabulary for technology and the internet.

Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
Tennessee Bob maintains a very thorough list of sites of interest to the student of French, on language/ grammar and on the cultures of the French-speaking world.

La Toile du Québec
This is a search engine specializing in sites related to Quebec and French Canada in particular and the French-speaking world in general. (la toile = "Web")