Foire Aux Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

How is French Individualized Instruction different from classroom French?

  •  A course offered via Individualized Instruction presents the same material in the same number of credit hours as the classroom version of the same course. It is different from the classroom in that all work with an instructor is one-on-one, and on an appointment basis. Credit is variable; a student may choose to complete a four-credit hour course in one semester or two semesters. Structured on the basis of appointments and student-established deadlines instead of fixed meeting times on a given number of days per week, success in I.I. relies a great deal on the organizational skills and personal initiative of the student. In addition, students in French I.I. are required to perform at the level of 80% or better in order to remain in the program. Students who cannot achieve this level of mastery in I.I. need the additional support provided by the classroom in order to learn the material well.

What is the difference between Individualized Instruction and Independent Study?

  •  An Independent Study is a course in which the credit, content and activities of the course are determined by a student in collaboration with an instructor. In Individualized Instruction, there is a set program of course materials and activities. What the student controls is the pace of the course, as well as and the time and frequency of meetings with an instructor.

How do I enroll in an I.I. course?

  • Enrollment in I.I. works the same as for any other course. Please note that the course number for I.I. courses is somewhat different; most courses in the classroom end in “.01,” whereas I.I. courses end in “.51”.

How do I enroll in 1101.51?

  • Participation in French 1101 (whether .01 or .51) is limited to students who have never studied French before, or who graduated from high school 5 or more years ago.

I cannot attend any of the Orientation Sessions. What should I do?

  • You will need to get a copy of the Orientation Packet, and fill out a Data Sheet, both of which will be available in the Individualized Language Learning Center. Then you should come in during walk-ins or wait for two free appointment slots (you will need two back-to-back appointment slots for a total of 30 minutes). During this half-hour an Instructor will explain the program to you and complete your Planning Session. You should have read the Orientation Packet before coming to this appointment.

This is not my first semester in I.I. Do I need to attend an Orientation Session?

  • Attendance at an Orientation Session is not required of returning students. It is, however, recommended if you are beginning 1103.51 and strongly recommended if you are beginning 2101.51.

What is the minimum number of credit hours I am allowed to take?

  • Students are required to complete a minimum of two credit hours in I.I., unless they are finishing the last credit hour of a course.

I would like to take more than 4 credit hours this semester. Is this possible?

  • It is indeed possible to complete more than four credit hours in a single semester in I.I., but the permission of the Director is required to do so. If you wish to attempt five or more credit hours, it is recommended that you see the Acting Director in person, rather than requesting this permission via e-mail.

Can I switch between I.I. French and classroom French?

  • It is possible to move into classroom French after a course of I.I. French as long as one has completed an entire course.

I was in I.I. last semester. Why can't I access the On-Line Scheduling System?

  • The database of the On-Line Scheduling System is cleaned out at the end of each semester. At the beginning of the new semester, returning students need to come to the Center to fill out a new Data Sheet (these are also destroyed at the end of each semester) so they may be re-entered into the system. If you know that you have already filled out a new Data Sheet and after 48 hours still cannot enter the system, call the Center (292-7060) or frenchii@osu.edu. Please keep in mind that no appointments can be made during the first week of class. Access to the appointment system starts during the second week of classes.

I have already set all of my deadlines for this semester. Do I still need to sign a Contract?

  • No, but you should contact the Assistant Director to let her know that you do not intend to make changes.

I forgot to come in during Contract Week. What should I do?

  • Email the Assistant Director (frenchii@osu.edu) to see if you can still make changes.

I do not think I can finish the number of credit hours for which I contracted. Is it possible to get an Incomplete?

  • In the event that you do not complete the number of credits for which you have contracted, you will receive an E in the course. Without documentation of a medical or other emergency it will not be possible to receive an Incomplete, nor will it be possible to receive a grade for the credit hours which have been completed.

I have only completed part of a course, but Buckeye Link will not allow me to schedule the remaining hours. What should I do?

  • This usually only happens when a student enrolls for the full 4-hour course at the beginning of the semester, and then drops a credit hour or two at Contract Week. The thing to do is wait. It probably means that your enrollment unit has not yet processed your Contract, and so Buckeye Link thinks you are trying to exceed the maximum credit allowed for the course. If for some reason the problem persists, please contact the Assistant Director at frenchii@osu.edu for assistance.

Why is my grade from last semester not yet posted?

  • The most common reason for this problem is that there was a discrepancy between the number of credits for which a student was actually enrolled, and the number of credits for which he or she is listed on the grade roster. Correcting this problem takes a little extra paperwork, and therefore a little extra time in posting the grade.