Romance Studies

Quebec City, Canada, Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Starting in Autumn 2012 a new OSU interdepartmental program, a major in Romance Studies, is available for students who seek significant cultural awareness in one country along with an understanding of two other languages and foreign cultures. The languages included are: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and Latin. To satisfy the major, students select a primary, a secondary and a tertiary language field, each in a different Romance language or Latin. Depending on a student’s language background, sufficient time may be available in the academic schedule for a related major or minor (e.g., Communications, International Studies). All students with a Romance Studies specialization are required to spend at least one summer abroad immersed in a foreign environment.

For more information, please contact one of these departments:

Italian – Janice M. Aski
French – Jennifer Willging
Latin –  Richard Fletcher
Spanish and Portuguese– Director of Undergraduate Studies