Summer 2021 Course Offerings

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French 1803.01 - Paris: A Virtual Adventure

French 1803.03

4 week session 1

Professor Benjamin Hoffmann, ONLINE, 3 credit hours

GE Culture and Ideas

Discover Paris as if you were there! In this online class, you will discover eleven Parisian sites, linked to eleven key moments in the history of Paris and French culture. You will witness the construction of Notre Dame, walk virtually through the hallways of Versailles, Le Louvre, the Orsay Museum, and walk through time to get to know medieval Paris, royal Paris, Romantic Paris, Bohemian Paris and the complex, multicultural city it has become today. You will watch lectures recorded by specialists of French culture and history, read texts about the evolution of French culture from the medieval period to our time, watch documentaries and fictions related to each site. By writing a digital journal and analytical texts, you will refine the expression of your ideas and learn to integrate your historical knowledge into personal texts.

Students taking this class can still apply to the 2022 session of the Global May Paris Program.

Italian 2053 - Italian Cinema

Italian 2053

4 week session 1 

Instructor Mackenzie Leadston, MWF 11:25 am - 1:15 pm, ONLINE, 3 credit hours

GE Visual Performing Arts and Diversity Global Studies. Taught in English. 

This course presents students with an overview of Italian cinema of the last seventy years and looks at films and serial television by important Italian directors. We touch upon major genres and movements in Italian screen history, including Neorealism, comedy Italian style, political cinema, the woman’s film, the spaghetti western, mafia movies, the film noir, coming-of-age film, the docudrama, and quality television.

Italian 2055 - Mafia Movies

Italian 2055 Mafia Movies

4 week session 1

Instructor Giuliano Migliori, MWF 11:25 am - 1:15 pm, ONLINE, 3 credit hours

GE Visual Performing Arts and Diversity Global Studies. Taught in English. 

The Mafia in Italy is referred to as an octopus as the organization pervades almost every facet of Italian cultural life. Tony Soprano, Don Vito and Michael Corleone, Lucky Luciano, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Ciro di Marzio, Peppino Impastato, Roberto Saviano, Christopher Moltisanti, and Donnie Brasco are some of the figures that contribute to the myth of the Italian and Italian-American Mafias. In this course we watch Italian and American mafia movie and television hits, and explore the myth of the Mafia that is so widespread in America, and trace its history as it passes across time and through multiple cultures. We will question whether there exists a unique American or Italian cinema and television treating the Mafia and explore how filmmakers from the two countries approach the subject in dissimilar fashions, especially in terms of stereotyping, gender, and representations of violence and alluring criminals.

Italian 3798.01: The Italian City: A Virtual Adventure

Italian 3798.01

4 week session 1

Professor Jonathan Combs-Schilling, ONLINE, 3 credit hours

GE Cultures and Ideas and Diversity Global Studies. Taught in English.

This course “visits” cities to tell the cultural history of Italy, a place which boasts an astonishing variety of famous and captivating urban centers (Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, and many more). Through their fertile and competitive interaction with one another, these cities have shaped the dramatic arc of Italian history and launched countless sociocultural phenomena that have spread all over the globe, from the Mona Lisa and modern banking to Gucci and parmesan cheese. Through Zoom lectures and discussions, literary readings, cinematic viewings, and virtual tours, games and scavenger hunts, we will track how the Italian city has acted as a laboratory for the production of economic and intellectual exchange, political and artistic experimentation, scientific breakthroughs, and richly layered forms of cultural identity.

Students taking this class can still apply to the 2022 session of The Italian City Program.


French 1101.01, 1102.01, 1103.01 - Beginning French I, II, and III Distance Learning 

6 week session 1: TWRF 10:20 am - 12:25 pm, 4 credit hours

These are distance leaning versions of the classroom course for French I, II, and III. The course will be comprised of both synchronous and asynchronous elements and will take place online. The course will follow a flipped model in that you will do you learning through MindTap, the digital learning tool associated with your course textbook, Liaisons. During scheduled class time, you will participate in written discussion forums, group video recordings, conversation groups, and complete exams. In this course, you will learn the same material that you would in the classroom version, and you will be ready to move on to the next course in the sequence. 

French 1101.61, 1102.61, 1103.61 - Beginning French I, II, and III Individualized Instruction Distance Learning 

8-week session 2, 2-4 credit hours

This is the online Individualized Instruction version of French I, II, and III. French Individualized Instruction is a self-paced, mastery-based program that is designed to mirror the courses offered in the classroom. Both Individualized Instruction and the classroom track aim to help students achieve a certain level of proficiency. Individualized Instruction offers flexible credit, flexible meeting times, one-on-one instruction, and student autonomy. 

French 2101.51 - Introduction to French and Francophone Studies Individualized Distance Learning

8-week session 2, 1-3 credit hours

Techniques for reading and interpreting different types of texts from the French-speaking world: stories, poetry, plays, films, music, and ads while building vocabulary, comprehension, speaking and writing skills.

Italian 1101.71, 1102.71, 1103.71 - Beginning Italian I, II, and III Online

6 week session 1, online, 4 credit hours, Instructor Carla Onorato

Italian 1101.71, 1102.71 and 1103.71 are online alternatives to the classroom versions of the courses. Students should register for the lecture section of the course and choose one of the recitation sections. Students will meet online during the day and time of the recitation for 30 minutes (45 minutes when offered during the summer term). Regular activities such as conversations, online workbook exercises, writing assignments and online quizzes are part of the program.


French 6571 - French Reading for Research

6 week session 1

Instructor TBA, ONLINE, MWF 12:40 pm - 2:45 pm, 3 credit hours

Designed primarily for students who have no formal preparation in French; covers basic grammar and vocabulary and develops students' reading skills. Credit does not apply to the minimum number of hours required for the master's or doctoral degrees.