Italian Study Abroad Programs

The Ohio State University offers a variety or Study Abroad programs in Italy. All financial information, program dates, deadlines and applications are available at the Office of International Affairs.

Funding: students partially fund their study abroad experience through money received in the Second Year Transformational Experience program (STEP), which we recommend for all students in their second year. Scholarships and grants are listed on our website

OSU CREDITS: ALL CREDITS above 1003/5101 earned in Lecce, Siena or our internships APPLY TOWARD THE MAJOR OR MINOR. Although there is a limit to the number of 5797 credits allowed to count toward a major or minor (9 for a major/6 for a minor), credits for other courses (2102, 2193, 2194 and 4000 level) will be granted, besides 5797 (Study abroad).

The Italian City - Bologna, Italy

GE Diversity: Global Studies and GE: Cultures and Ideas, Taught in English

New Experiences in Beautiful Destinations: Paris and Bologna

Information Session: November 8, 2018 from 4:00-5:00 in 160 Enarson
You can also learn about this program at the following sessions:
Education Abroad in Italy: November 1, 1:30 - 3:00pm, 160 Enarson
ASC Study Abroad Fair, November 5, 5:00 - 8:00pm, Phio Unioin Great Hall Meeting Room
This course will use cities to narrate a cultural history of Italy, and history to unlock the communal and individual pasts of an Italian city: Bologna. In this course, students will study the history of the Italian city to examine how it has acted as a crucible for the production of economic and intellectual exchange, political and artistic experimentation, scientific breakthroughs, and richly layered forms of cultural identity.
The site of the oldest European university, and one of the oldest laws abolishing slavery, Bologna's medieval past is made palpable with every portico yet it also houses a bustling 21st-century economy, with vivid traces of all the epochs in between. We will then see how Bologna relates to this larger story by studying a few exemplary Bolognese people (both native-born and transplants) and exploring the city together. Students will study texts and films that strongly engage with urban spaces and themes (short stories, plays, movies, detective novels) to consolidate our understanding of the Italian city and ask new questions about the relationship between city and cultural identity. We will conclude each of the first three weeks with day trips to other cities.
When: May 11, 2019 - June 8, 2019
Credit: Italian 3798 (GE Diversity: Global Studies and GE:Cultures and Ideas)
Program Cost:TBD
Application Deadline: January 3, 2019

Elementary Level - Lecce Summer Program

Students at the elementary level (1101 and above) who would like to attend a program with a group of students from OSU can obtain up to 9 hours of credit in June and July at the Scuola di Italiano per Stranieri. Prerequisites for admission are:

a) a minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA,
b) a minimum 2.7 GPA in Italian,
c) successful completion of Italian 1101 or higher,              

Summer program options

  • 4 week long:  June or July (two options) -  4 OSU credit hours (1 course) 
  • 6 week long:  June / July - 6 OSU credit hours (2 courses)
  • 8 week long:  June / July - 9 OSU credit hours

Students have the option to stay with Italian host families and receive OSU credits as follows:
-1101                   4 week: 1102  ///  6 week: 5101 (1101-1103 equivalent), 5797
                            8 week: 5101 (1101-1103 equivalent), 5797; Ita 2102 (only Romance Studies                    
                                          majors or by approval) 
-1102                   4 week: 1103  ///  6 week: 1103, 5797 ///  8 week: 1103, 2102, 5797
-1103                   4/6/8 week: 2102 and/or 5797
-2102 & up          4/6/8 week: 5797 and/or 4000 level

Note: ALL Lecce credits above 1103/5101 count toward a minor/major. You must apply first at and then on the school’s website. For more info contact: Louise Yahiaoui, OIA, 140 Enarson Classrm Bldg., 292-6101 or Carla Onorato Wysokinski.

Grand Milan Cathedral in Italy

Siena Italian Studies

For advanced beginner level students (1102 and above) who would like a full-immersion experience in Italy, and Italian MAJORS and MINORS, we suggest the Siena Italian Studies program ( Students stay with host families and participate in a service learning program. The prerequisites for admission to this program are: 

a) a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA,
b) a minimum 2.8 GPA in Italian,
c) successful completion of Italian 1102 or higher.

SUMMER program options

  • 4 week long:  June/July (Palio season) - 7 OSU credit hours
  • 6 week long:  June/July (Palio season) - 10 OSU credit hours
    • Interm./advanced language, one content class, service learning.
  • 8 week long: end of May/July (Palio season) - 13 OSU credit hours
    • 2-wk Intensive language, interm./adv. language, 2 content classes, service learning.

SEMESTER program options

Fall semester: end of Aug./Dec. - Spring semester: Jan./May
Up to 18 OSU credit hours per semester. Full immersion, interm./advanced language, 3 content classes, service learninh.

Examples of content classes: Sociolinguistics, History of Italian emigration, History of European immigration, Art history, Italian cinema, Italian Literature. 

Examples of Service Learning: working in the organic garden, ambulance assistance, kids’ sports camp, nursing home assistance, restoring city walls.  

Students who study in Siena can receive OSU credits for Italian 1103, 2102, 4330, 5797 (Study at a Foreign Institution), 2194 (for Service Learning) and/or equivalent OSU content courses, which may include 2193 (Independent Studies).

Note: all Siena credits above 1103 can be applied toward a major or a minor. You must apply first at and then on the school’s website. 

For more info contact: Louise Yahiaoui, OIA, 140 Enarson Classrm Bldg., 292-6101, or Carla Onorato Wysokinski.

Study Abroad in Florence, Italy


All credits count toward the major/minor. Requirements: It 2102 or above, overall GPA 2.75, Italian GPA 3.0. For info, contact Prof. Emery.

Aifs internship in Rome

The semester-long Internship program combines workplace learning with classroom-based studying.  Students are placed in different fields, including international embassies, cultural institutes, charitable associations and fashion companies, and attend intensive language classes in Florence and Rome. 12 OSU credit hrs.

Sant’Anna’s internship in Sorrento

This Internship program is available in a 5 week Summer session as well as in Autumn and Spring terms. It combines workplace learning with classroom-based studying. Placements are available in many fields, including Architecture, Business Adm., Communication, Marketing, Law,  Culinary Arts, Education, Environmental Studies, Hospitality & Tourism, Fitness Mgmt, Music & Music Technology, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical Science, Social Work, Veterinary Science. Up to 18 OSU credit hours. 

For students who would like to take coursework in English in Italy, the Office of International Affairs has information about programs offered during the academic year that are administered in collaboration with Arcadia College. Please be sure to contact the Study Abroad Advisor (Carla Onorato) to determine whether language courses can be transferred to OSU for OSU credit.

If you would like to participate in a program not listed above, contact: Carla Onorato or Jenny Kraft - OIA, 140 Enarson Classroom Bldg., Phone: (614) 292-6101.

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