Department Resources


FAQ Links

Online Grade Change Form

Use this form to change a grade that has already been submitted or to update an Incomplete grade.

Course Enrollment Permission Form

This form should be used when students need permission to enroll in a class for various reasons such as missing prerequisites, a time conflict in between two classes, on permission to audit a class.

Note: During virtual instruction this form can still be used using Adobe sign feature. However, many offices are also excepting an email from the instructor(s) as permission.

Important Dates and Grades Posting Deadlines

Important Dates are listed within semester specific PDFs under the "Important Dates" subheading, including Grades Posting deadlines, deadlines to add/drop courses, etc.

Explanation of University Marks

An explanation of grades that can be given to students, including rules about assigning/extending an Incomplete Grade.

View Schedule of Classes on BuckeyeLink

A full schedule of all current and upcoming courses at the university.

Course Catalog in BuckeyeLink

A list of all courses that are currently active and available to schedule in the university.

Department Committees and Calendar

All department meetings will take place via Zoom.

Some meetings might end early, or will be cancelled depending upon agenda items.

One meeting is open to all department members, and is mandatory for tenure-track faculty, the staff representative, the associated faculty representative, and the graduate student representative.

Another meeting is for tenure-track faculty, as there will be much to discuss and implement this year regarding curriculum, our governance documents, etc. These meetings are not meant to be exclusionary, and any pertinent information will be promptly shared with the FRIT community.




Department Meeting (all) M, 8/17 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (tenure-track) M, 8/31 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (all) M, 9/14 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (tenure-track) M, 9/28 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (all) M, 10/12 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (tenure-track) M, 10/26 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (all) M, 11/16 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (tenure-track) M, 11/30 10:00-11:30


Department Meeting (all) M, 1/11 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (tenure-track) M, 1/25 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (all) M, 2/8 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (tenure-track) M, 2/22 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (all) M, 3/8 10:00-11:30

P&T meeting (eligible faculty) M, 3/22 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (all) M, 4/5 10:00-11:30

Department Meeting (t-t faculty/GTA Review): M, 4/19 10:00-11:30


M, 2/1: Annual updates (1/1/20–12/31/20) due to Adam Keller (tenure-track faculty)

M, 2/1: Fourth year review materials due to Christiana Whitesel

M, 3/1: Associate Profs wishing to be put forward for promotion must notify chair and submit with annual update a CV, all publications since last promotion (or from previous 5 years), and all SEIs and SETs since last promotion (or from previous 5 years)

M, 3/29: Final deadline for comments period for fourth year reviews

Th, 4/1: Fourth year review reappointments due to college

F, 5/14: Annual updates (2020-2021 academic year) due to Adam Keller (Associated faculty)

Th, 5/27: List of proposed external reviewers for 2021-22 P&T cases due to Shari Speer for approval


Covid-19 Resources

ASC COVID Resource Page (for college announcements)

University COVID-19 Resources

Wellness Resources

Graduate Studies

Enrollment Requirements

Pre-Candidacy Students: 8 credit hours in Autumn/Spring, if teaching in summer 5 credit hours

Post-Candidacy Students: 3 credit hours

Fellowship Students: 12 credit hours in Autumn/Spring, 6 credit hours in Summer

Department of French and Italian Graduate Handbook

Information and requirements specific to graduate programs in the FRIT deparment.

Ohio State University Graduate School

Important university-wide information, deadlines, and policies regarding graduate studies.

Ohio State Graduate Fellowships

Information regarding Ohio State Fellowships.


Online platform to submit forms to be processed by the Graduate School.


Profile Update

  • If you wish to update your office hours or any other information on your profile, please submit this form.

Employee Resources


Instructional Support

Technology Support

  • University-specific support for ASCTech Help (request support from the Arts & Sciences Staff), Remote Access (access your network files from home or abroad),, etc.
  • ASCTech Help
    Request support from the Arts & Sciences Technology staff.
  • Remote Access to Network Files
    Access your network files from home or abroad.
  • OCIO Support Desk
    Ask a question or request assistance from the University IT Service Desk; order services and software from the OCIO Service Catalog.
    Manage your OSU digital identity:  Username, Password, etc.

Instructional Support

Human Resources/Payroll

  • Benefits Information
    Overview of the comprehensive benefits package offered by the University.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS)
    ESS makes it easier for you to manage your personal information; components include:
    eProfile (update your personal information, including home address and phone number)
    eBenefit (enroll and manage your benefits elections when newly hired or during open enrollment)
    ePayroll (view your pay information, manage your direct deposit, enroll to receive your W-2 online) .
  • Employment Verification
    Employment verification requests are completed by The Work Number for Everyone®. The Work Number is an automated service that provides instant verification 24 hours a day.
  • eLeave Tool  |  eLeave User Guide [pdf]
    Electronic leave tool for faculty, staff, and lecturers to submit leave requests (i.e. sick leave).
  • eTimesheet Tool  |  eTimesheet User Guide [pdf]
    Electronic timesheet tool for biweekly and student employees.
  • Your Plan for Health
    Programs and resources to promote health and wellness.


  • Pre-Trip Worksheet  |  Travel Reimbursement Worksheet
    Worksheets to be used to help organize pre-trip planning and post-trip reimbursement.
  • Travel FAQs |  OSU Travel Policy
    Official Travel Policies of The Ohio State University are subject to change so please refer to this resource regularly.
  • Mileage & Per Diem  |  Currency Converter
    Additional travel resources. The General Services Administration sets the per diem and mileage rate for US cities and the State Department sets per diem for international cities. All currency must be converted into USD for reimbursement purposes.
  • Business Leave Tool
    Submit a business leave request if reimbursement of travel expense is not expected (e.g. going downtown for the day for meetings or a third party is paying all expenses).  If travel expense will be reimbursed, complete the travel request form (Pre-Trip Worksheet) instead of the business leave request.


If you need any help or additional information on the travel process, please contact the Department Fiscal Associate.