Recent Dissertations in the Department of French or Italian

Matthew Roesch, PhD 2017
Dissertation: “Les Sensation fortes: The Phenomenological Aesthetics of French Action Film”
Currently: Career Coach/Counselor, Idaho PTECH

Darrell Estes, PhD 2017
Dissertation: “Physical and Ontological Transformation: Metamorphosis & Transfiguration in Old French and Occitan Texts (11th –15th Centuries)”
Currently: Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Dionisio Mingallon, PhD 2017
Dissertation: “Duplicité chamanique et vérité d’une folie dans le Neveu de Rameau de Diderot et Caligula d’Albert Camus”
Currently: Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Rachel Elizabeth Willis, PhD 2017
Dissertation: “Souveraines de corps frontaliers: Narrating Quebec’s Insurgent Girlhood”
Currently: Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor, The University of Denver

Paige Piper, PhD 2016
Dissertation: “Deathly Landscapes: The Changing Topography of Contemporary French Policier in Visual and Narrative Media”
Currently: Lecturer, The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College

Ashley Powers, PhD 2016
Dissertation: “The Commerce of Time: The Influence of Thirteenth Century Commercial Society on the Conception and Expression of Time in Parisian Poet Rutebeuf’s Corpus”
Currently: Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Ohio Wesleyan University

Adrianne Barbo, PhD 2015
Dissertation: “From Post-Cards to Stand-up: Cross-Cultural Representations of the Veil in the Maghreb and France”
Currently: Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College

Michele Gerring, PhD 2014
Dissertation: “Conflicting Representations of Maghrebi-French Integration in France: a Spectrum of Hospitality from Derrida to Foucault, as Seen in Contemporary Novels, Films and the Magazine ‘Paris-Match’”
Currently: Instructor, Grove City College 

Douglas Roberts, PhD 2015
Dissertation: “The Hidden Ally: How the Canadian Supreme Court Has Advanced the Vitality of the Francophone Quebec Community”
Currently: Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Jaleh Sharif, PhD 2015
Dissertation: “France-Iran: dans le sillage du ‘désintérêt’ politique à une fascination culturelle mutuelle”
Currently: Teacher, Language Door Schools

Heidi Brown, PhD 2014
Dissertation: “What I Cannot Say: Testifying of Trauma through Translation”
Currently: Assistant Professor, Loyola University Maryland

Clare Balombin, PhD 2013
Dissertation: “Saints in the Roman de Renart”
Currently: Independent Scholar

Anais Wise, PhD 2012
Dissertation: “L’Ironie Merimeenne ou l'art de transformer le coup de griffe en coup de maitre”
Currently: Language Training Specialist, U.S. Department of State

Lisa Bevevino, PhD 2012
Dissertation: “Demis Defors: the Narrative Structure and Cultural Implications of the Contemplation of Death in Medieval French Courtly Literature”
Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Morris

Jennifer Branlat, PhD 2012
Dissertation: “Paris, Female Stardom, and 1930s French Cinema”
Currently: Faculty, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Adela Lechintan, PhD 2011
Dissertation: “Cinematic Reverberations of Historical Trauma: Women's Memories of the Holocaust and Colonialism in Contemporary French-Language Cinema”
Currently: Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Andrew Anderson, PhD 2011
Dissertation: “Show, Not Tell: How the Theater of the Absurd Exposes the Violence of Identity in French Postcolonial and Regional Literature”
Currently: Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Julie Parson, PhD 2011
Dissertation: “The Tradition of Femininity: Rethinking Sexuality and Gender in 1950's French Cinema”
Currently: Senior Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Elizabeth Bishop, PhD 2010
Dissertation: “Brittany and the French State: Cultural, Linguistic, and Political Manifestations of Regionalism in France”
Currently: Senior Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Kelly Campbell, PhD 2010
Dissertation: “Film, French, and Foie Gras: Examining the French cultural Exception”
Currently: Senior Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Jacob Schott, PhD 2010
Dissertation: “The Kafka Case:  Constructing Kafka, Deconstructing the Self in Robert, Blanchot and Robbe-Grillet”
Currently: Academic Tutor, AJ Tutoring

Philip Nelson, PhD 2010
Dissertation: “Irony's Devices:  Modes of Irony from Voltaire to Camus”
Currently: Assistant Professor, Ohio Wesleyan University