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Students in our department explore French, Francophone, and Italian cultures, societies, literatures, and languages.  Our courses cover literary, cultural and intellectual histories, as well as in-depth specializations in post-colonial studies; film and media studies; medieval, Enlightenment, and modern literature and culture; literary and cultural theory; historical linguistics; and second-language acquisition. The Department offers introductory language courses to students who wish to learn French or Italian, General Education courses on topics ranging from Mediterranean Voyages to Mafia Movies, undergraduate majors and minors to students who would like to delve deeper into Francophone or Italian cultures, and direct-admit Ph.D. programs in Italian or French and Francophone Studies for graduate students. Together with the Office of International Affairs, we offer foreign study programs in Québec, Canada; Dijon, Montpellier, Nantes and Paris, France; Lecce and Siena, Italy; and Dakar, Senegal. Bienvenu* and Benvenut*!

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Funds and Programs that you can support:

Our funds are listed below, in alphabetical order. If a page on the OSU iGive Web site for the fund exists, then the name of the fund is directly linked to that page, where you can make your contribution to that fund through a secure, online connection. Or feel free to contact Juliann Garrett, Director of Development, Arts & Humanities, Office of Advancement.

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  • French and Italian Department Support Fund (309086)
    Provides support for activities and programs for students and faculty of the Department of French and Italian.
  • French Center of Excellence Support Fund (317658)
  • Provides unrestricted support for the Center of Excellence in the Department of French and Italian. Expenditures may be recommended by the director and the department chair or chair's designee and approved in accordance with the then current guidelines and procedures established by the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • French Lectures on Literature, Language and Culture (312143)
    Supports lectures on historical and contemporary topics relating to French and Italian with the purpose of enhancing the intellectual life of the students, faculty, staff and general public.
  • Make Dreams Come True French and Italian Fund (313186)
    Provides funding for students studying abroad to enhance their French or Italian skills and knowledge. This fund will provide one or more study abroad scholarships for an undergraduate or graduate student(s) majoring in French or Italian.