Margaret Flinn

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Maggie Flinn’s research focuses on film, art and politics as intersecting cultural discourses. Her first book, The Social Architecture of French Cinema 1929-39, (Liverpool University Press, 2014), examines the construction, representation and experience of cinematographic spaces and places in documentary and realist fiction film. She is currently working on two new books. The first, on director Olivier Assayas, places Assayas’s internationally well-known “techno-thrillers” in dialogue with his domestic dramas and considers the ensemble of Assayas’s œuvre in the light of current theories of cosmopolitanism. The second, tentatively titled New Limits of the Real: Arts of the Moving Image and the Politics of the Contemporary, addresses the rising value of documentary media and of commodified heritage or history as indices of national cinemas in transition, under pressure from the European Union, globalization and technological change.

Professor Flinn's writing includes articles on René Clair, Chris Marker, new media art, the documentaire romancé, the film theories of Élie Faure and Jacques Rancière, the Louvre and bande dessinée, disability and gender in the bandes dessinées of Farid Boudjellal, and women in North African cinema, for journals such as SubStanceStudies in French Cinema, Esprit Créateur, and Yale French Studies. Her recent publications include essays on 1930s "banlieutopia," photography in documentary bande dessinée, and bande dessinée as pastoral ecocriticism. Forthcoming work includes essays on Olivier Assayas’s published screenplays, Assayas’s memories of May 1968, and Max Linder’s shoes.

Seminars and graduate courses taught at Ohio State for the Department of French and Italian and the Program in Film Studies include “The American Auteur: Martin Scorsese,” “Document, History, Heritage: Contemporary French Cinemas,” “The Architecture of the Image in Italy and France, 1930s-1960s,” “Afriques-sur-Seine: Franco-African Cinematic Encounters,” “Documentary Cinema,” “French Graphisms: Bande dessinée and Animated Cinema,” and "Qu'est-ce que le genre?: à l'écrit et à l'écran."

Areas of Expertise
  • French and Francophone cinemas
  • Critical Theory
  • Comics of the Franco-Belgian tradition (bande dessinée)
  • Ph.D., Harvard University, 2005
  • M.A., Harvard University, 2000
  • B.A., Cornell University, 1994 (summa cum laude)

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