Other Funding Opportunities for Students of French and Italian


Other Study Abroad Scholarships

OSU offers many study abroad scholarship opportunities. The following are some of those available. Please check the deadlines for these scholarships.

Center for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Award

Huntington Scholarship is available for study or internship abroad in varying amounts depending upon the need. Qualifications include an interest in business and a high G.P.A.

The Office of International Affairs

OIA provides a comprehensive list of study abroad scholarships available across campus, including the Wolfe and Francille M. Firebaugh scholarships offered by OIA.

College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for study and research abroad.

Mershon Center for International Security Studies

The Mershon Center offers grants of varying amounts to OSU students for research and study abroad.

U.S. Student Fulbright Program

The U.S. Student Fulbright Program provides one-year grants for graduate study, research, or teaching assistantships abroad. Each year, over 1,900 grants are awarded for study in over 155 foreign countries.

2015 Fulbright Information Sheet

Gilman Scholarship

The Gilman Scholarship provides funding for study abroad to students receiving a Federal Pell Grant as part of their OSU financial aid package.

Gilman Scholarship Information Sheet 

NIAF Congressional Fellowship

Every fall semester, The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) places outstanding Italian American college students, graduate students and recent graduates in offices of members of the Italian American Congressional Delegation (IACD) to encourage and support the next generation of Italian American leadership.

ASC Undergraduate Research Scholarship (URS) and the International Research Grant for Undergraduates

Students will compete for scholarships awarded in amounts ranging from $250 to $12,000.  University regulations require that the funds be used to meet tuition and fee expenses, with any remaining amount available directly to recipients (provided they have not already exceeded the maximum allowable amount for financial aid).

The Honors Committee does not require that applicants be members of the Arts and Sciences Honors Program; however, the committee generally gives preference to students who are candidates for graduation with research distinction or with honors research distinction, because they have demonstrated the sort of academic ability and commitment which indicates the likelihood of success in completing a major research project.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Arts and Sciences Honors Office at (614) 292-5104.

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