Diversity and Inclusion


The Department of French and Italian decries white supremacy in all its forms. We decry police brutality and the systemic violence police visit upon black and brown communities. We decry these things everywhere, but we are particularly mindful of how white supremacy has structured and continues to structure the societies and institutions of the United States, France and Italy, as well as the many countries that have been subjected to the horrors of their colonial projects and slave-based economies, and effected by the undue influence that North American and European institutions have had in the Global South. Racism is a public health crisis that all of us, especially those of us with privilege and in positions of institutional power, must address.

We stand in solidarity with protesters around the world and here in Columbus, including our many past and current students, teachers and staff who have added their voices to the calls for justice. We stand in solidarity with The Ohio State University’s Undergraduate Student Government, Inter-Professional Council, and Council of Graduate Students and the demands they have made of our institution.

Now is a time to lean on each other. It is also a time to hold communities and institutions accountable, including our own: our vocations, our city, our university, and our own department too. We need to do better, and we will.