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Additional Information for Undergraduate Students

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Ready to explore your career and internship options?  Discover resources that will lead you towards an internship or job? Connect with employers?

The Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success (Career Success) can help guide you toward these goals. More than resumes, Career Success provides a number of internship and job search resources including career coaching, assistance with the Ohio State University's online career network and database Handshake, and resume and cover letter review.  Career Success also hosts exciting events that help you build your network, discover new career paths, and become career ready!

Use Handshake to connect with employers by searching for full-time employment, internships, part-time work, and other experiential learning opportunities targeted toward your major. This is a direct link to employers who want to hire you!  No registration is required to access Handshake; all current undergraduates and recent graduates can access using their OSU credentials on the Handshake website.

To learn more about Handshake and the other resources offered by Career Success, visit their website.

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For jobs and internships across the world, visit goinglobal.com.

Honors & Scholars

The Honors Program is for students who seek greater challenges than are afforded in the regular major. Additional benefits of being an Honors student can be found on the Honors Scholars website. Students are awarded Honors status from the University Honors & Scholars Center upon admission to the university, based on standardized test scores and high school class rank.   Students with 1 semester of OSU credit (15 semester credit hours) and an OSU cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 may also join the Honors Program by applying at the Arts & Sciences Honors Office (3180 Smith Lab).

To maintain Honors status, students must maintain a minimum 3.4 cumulative GPA, complete at least six honors or 4000-level classes over the course of your freshman and sophomore years, and submit an Honors Contract or Honors Thesis Application at the conclusion of your second year of study.  Both allow the student wide latitude in the choice of courses, while requiring a significantly stronger program than the traditional major.

The Honors Contract allows students to develop a liberal arts curriculum which, upon approval by the ASC Honors Committee, admits them to candidacy for graduation with Honors in Arts & Sciences.  The Honors Contract is likely to include Honors courses, upper-level courses to meet General Education Curriculum Requirements, seminars, advanced course sequences, and, often, more than the minimal number of hours required for the degree.  The major area of emphasis may be a single discipline or a combination of disciplines.

An Honors Contract is arranged in close consultation with the French and Italian Honors advisor and should be submitted by the end of your second year of study.  To graduate with Honors in Arts & Sciences, students must complete the Honors Contract and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.4 on at least 60 graded semester hours at Ohio State. This will be noted on your diploma and transcript.

The Honors Research Thesis requires a thesis on a special topic of the student's choice written under the supervision of a faculty member. The thesis generally involves from one to two semesters of work. During the junior or senior year, the student registers for a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 semester hours of credit of 4999H in French and 3-9 semester credit hours in Italian, while preparing the thesis. It is followed by a one-hour oral examination on the general topic of the thesis before three faculty members, two from the French and Italian faculty and one from another discipline or department.  Normally, the French and Italian Honors advisor should be one of the French and Italian faculty members on the examining committee.  Students who complete and successfully defend the thesis will graduate with honors research distinction if their minimum cumulative grade point average is 3.4 on at least 60 graded Ohio State semester credit hours.

If you are not an honors student, you can still do research or a thesis. If you are interested in writing a research paper under the guidance of a professor, with permission of a professor you can enroll in up to three hours of French or Italian 4998: Undergraduate research. If you would like to write a thesis and graduate with “Research Distinction” in French or Italian (a mark that is permanently featured on a student’s diploma and transcript), you may enroll in Italian or French 4999. A thesis provides an undergraduate with the best preparation for graduate work, removing some of the mystery and trepidation from pursuing a master’s, doctoral or professional degree.  Completing a formal thesis contributes favorably to, and is sometimes expected of, a student’s graduate or professional school applications!  Letters of recommendation from faculty members are much stronger if a student completes a thesis. Go to the Undergraduate Research webpage for more information.

  1. Each autumn and spring, the Honors Office in Arts and Sciences administers a competition for research scholarships for students who are candidates for graduation with research distinction.  Deadlines for submitting proposals to the Honors Office (3180 Smith Lab) are early-February and mid-September for the Spring and Autumn competitions. 
  2. Proposals for The Pressey Honors Grant of up to $750 may be submitted at any time during the year by students who are candidates for graduation with research distinction.  Submit proposals to Lisa Abrams, University Honors and Scholars Center, Kuhn Honors and Scholars House, 220 West 12th Avenue).

Students are encouraged to talk with their Honors advisor in the Department about writing a Senior Honors thesis on a topic related to French or Italian language, literature, or culture.

Departmental Honors Courses


Designed to stimulate oral and written expression through the use of literary and cultural readings, to develop critical skills, and the build analytical vocabulary.


French 4999H:HONORS UG RESEARCH THESIS, 3-5 credit hours

Offers undergraduates with special aptitudes the opportunity to do independent research under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Students writing senior Honors theses register for 
this course for from 3 to 15 credits per semester up to 15 credits total.



Reference Resources

For a general word search in French or Italian

French Dictionaries:


Using Microsoft Word, you may use the CONTROL key in combination with other keys to create accent marks. For each of the accents below, press the combination of keys indicated for the accent mark; then press the letter which is to be accented. (Note: nothing appears on the screen in the first step; it is only after the second step—when you type the letter itself—that the accented letter will appear.)

Example é: CONTROL + ' then e

accent aigu:
CONTROL + ' (apostrophe)
accent grave:
CONTROL + ` (accent grave)
accent circonflexe:
CONTROL + : (colon)
CONTROL + , (comma)

This is the easiest way to make accents. However, you may also use the "Symbol" feature (pull down the menu and click on the appropriate symbol), or the ALT key in combination with the appropriate code number for each accent. To do this:

  • Make sure that 'Num Lock' is on
  • Use the keypad on the right of the keyboard
  • While holding down the 'Alt' key, enter the 4-digit code for the desired symbol.
French Accent Marks
 0192 À  0224 à  0206 Î  0238 î   
 0194 Â 0226 â 0207 ï 0239 ï   
 0199 Ç 0231 ç 0212 Ô 0244 ô   
 0200 È 0232 è 0217 Ù 0249 ù   
 0201 É 0233 é 0219 Û 0251 û   
 0202 Ê 0234 ê 0220 Ü 0252 ü  0171 «
 0203 Ë 0235 ë 0140 Œ 0156 œ  0187 »

N.B.: Newer PC's may have keyboard short cuts for these symbols; check your manual. With some computers/software, there is also the possibility of switching to a French keyboard configuration.

Apple Computers

  • While holding down the 'option' key, press the letter for the desired accent mark:

     e for  ´
     ` for  `
     u for  ¨
     i for  ˆ
  • Nothing will appear on the screen yet and the cursor will not move forward.
  • Let go of the 'option' key and type in the letter you wish to place under the accent mark. Use the shift key as normal for capital letters.
Other characters
 ç Press 'option' and 'c' at the same time
 œ Press 'option' and 'q' at the same time
 « Press 'option' and '\' at the same time
 Ç Press 'option', 'shift' and 'c' at the same time
 Œ Press 'option', 'shift' and 'q' at the same time
 » Press 'option', 'shift' and '\' at the same time

Universita` di Toronto – corsi

(coniugazione di verbi in rete)

(offre un coniugatore di verbi e esercizi vari)
Suggerimenti per Attivita' Didattiche


attivita` per insegnanti

Giochi E Esercizi Di Italiano

Esercizi semplici
Il giocoliere

Giochi e quiz. Rompicapo letterari
Test Della Personalita' in Italiano da Fare in Rete

Ridi gratis

French Media Links

Extra Conversation and Free Tutoring for students of French

Student Clubs and Activities

Media Resources within the United States and around the world

Reference Resources: dictionaries and technology help

Vintage Films: a collection of 35 1930-1950 vintage French films


Les Afriques

IZF (Investir en zone franc) 

Jeune Afrique

RFI (Radio France Internationale)

Dakaractu (actualités de Sénégal)

La Sénégalaise 

Seneweb (le Sénégal dans le web)

Le Courrier du Vietnam




Le Cercle Français (French Club)

Le Cercle Français (French Club) plans linguistic and cultural events for anyone at The Ohio State University who want to learn more about France and Francophone countries as well as the French language. We hold events such as film nights, cultural discussions, game nights, presentations, etcetera. Moreover, we can also help connect students with each other for one-on-one conversation partners or other collaborations. Plus, all French language proficiencies are welcome!

The French Club is an academic community that is essential for Ohio State students who want to practice French. Efforts are dedicated towards: service, community, and improving speaking skills. Moreover, events are going on all the time so if you are interested in anything French, the culture, or whatever else, this club has something for you!

To learn more, visit us on Instagram at lecerclefrancais_osu or through the Student Activities forum in the Office of Student Life.

Informal meetings to meet with like-minded individuals, discuss the French culture, practice your French speaking skills, and have some fun! These meetings can include anything from French games to movies to even cooking classes!!! Sessions will be held in-person.

General Meeting Schedule 

Days: Biweekly on Thursdays

Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Location: Hagerty Hall 160


In coordination with the Department of French & Italian, students of 1101, 1102, and 1103 can receive extra credit for participating in the meetings.

The French Club uses GroupMe as its primary form of communication. To join the GroupMe, please visit this link.

E-Board Positions Opening Up Soon for AY25

For the 2023-24 academic year:

  • President - Erin Moffit
  • Vice President - Yuliyan Worku
  • VP of Finance - Dakota Davis

Italian Club

Italian Club is an organization of Ohio State students and faculty interested in the Italian culture and traditions. Many activities are organized throughout the year, including conversation tables on campus, movies and dinners.

Watch our students' dance performance of Tarantella at the Taste of OSU.
See photos from their Bocce Tournament.
See photos from their Bruschetta Night.


For further info please contact us.


We meet at 7:00 PM on the second Monday of each month at various locations in Columbus. In addition, we have occasional special event meetups.

In general, members have an intermediate level of Italian proficiency. But if you are a beginner, don’t let that stop you. Through our Meetup you can sign up for language study and interactive learning experiences from Children's Classes to Travelers' Tips to Beginner through Advanced Italian.  All levels and ages are welcome.

To learn more about the group, see the FAQ, look for issues of Italian Meetup News posted on the Message Board, check the Calendar for past meeting agendas, and follow us on Twitter.

Italian Music

Annalisa - Un Domani (feat Mr.Rain) (Official Video)


Takagi & Ketra - Amore e Capoeira ft. Giusy Ferreri, Sean Kingston


Baby K - Da zero a cento


Annalisa - Un Domani (feat Mr.Rain) (Official Video)


Annalisa - Il Mondo Prima Di Te (Official Video) - Sanremo 2018


J-AX & Fedez - Vorrei ma non posto (Official Video)


Baby K - Voglio ballare con te ft. Andrés Dvicio


Benji & Fede - Tutto per una Ragione feat. Annalisa (Official Video)


Tiziano Ferro - Potremmo Ritornare


J-AX & Fedez - Italiana


Malika Ayane - Senza Fare Sul Serio (Videoclip Ufficiale)


Tiziano Ferro - Per dirti ciao!


Baby K - Roma Bangkok

Fabri Fibra (aggettivi) - Le donne

Giorgia (futuro) - Pregherò

Marco Mengoni - Io ti aspetto

Lorenzo Fragola (c'è, ci sono) - # fuori c'è il sole

Francesca Michelin - Nessun grado di separazione

Noemi - (immagini di Roma) La borsa di una donna

Paolo Congetto (Preposizioni) - Gelato al limon'

Giusi Ferreri (imperfetto) - Volevo te

Alex Britti (non ... mai) - Non è vero mai

J-Ax (coniugazioni di verbi al presente) - Maria Salvador

Luca Carboni (immagini di Bologna) - Bologna è una regola

Cesare Cremonini - Buon viaggio

Fedez (rap) - Magnifico

Marracash - (non.. mai, futuro, rap) Non cambierò mai

Pino Daniele (dialetto napoletano) - Je so pazzo

Gianna Nannini (aggettivi) - Bello e impossibile

Napule e’- Pino Daniele

Caruso - Lucio Dalla

Vita spericolata - Vasco Rossi

Mio fratello - Tiziano Ferro

Ciao sono io - Sandro Bit

Terra Promessa - Eros Ramazzotti

E penso a te - Lucio Battisti, live

Vivo per lei - Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia

Tu scendi dalle stelle - Bocelli

Chapter 1 – pg 25

“Tranne te”, Fabri Fibra (4:38)

Chapter 3 – pg 90

“Senza fare sul serio”, Malika Ayane (3:34)

Chapter 5 – pg 153

“Aggiungi un posto a tavola!” (4:01)

Chapter 7  - pg 212

“Le cose che abbiamo in comune”, Daniele Silvestri (3:30)

Chapter 9 – pg 269

“Calma e sangue freddo”, Luca Dirisio (3:33)

Chapter 11  - pg 320

“Questa è la mia casa”, Jovanotti (5:55)

Chapter 13  - pg 379

“Roma – Bangkok”, Baby K e Giusy Ferreri (3:26)

Chapter 15  - pg 435

“Se telefonando”, Mina, interpretata da Nek (3:06)

Western Sahel Student Association (WSSA)

The Western Sahel Student Association aims to provide a space where students of Mauritanian, Senegalese, Gambian, Malian, and Guinean descent (Western Sahel region) and those interested in the cultures of those countries to come together to meet the student’s academic, cultural, and social needs. We aspire to promote and maintain the awareness of the Western Sahel cultures on The Ohio State University campus through WSSA. The WSSA will also seek out opportunities to give back to their communities. 

WSSA Social Media:

Instagram: WSSA_OSU 

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/wssa_osu

Newsletter sign up: https://gmail.us8.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=b2061c1e8ce896fb1bb729f1e&id=1b848eaa9d


Maïmouna Ba, President

Dr. Anne Mutidjo, Faculty Advisor