Major in Italian Studies



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The Italian language is spoken by more than 60 million people residing all over the world. In this hemisphere there are more than 10 million descendants of immigrants from Italy living in countries from Canada to Argentina, with the United States second only to Italy itself in number of Italian-speaking residents. Italy is also the  fourth most populous EU member state, with the third largest economy in the Eurozone and the eighth largest economy in the world. It is also home to the most World Heritage Sites in the world (51), and is the birthplace to some of the most significant figures in Italian and world history, such as  Leonardo da VinciGalileoMichelangeloMachiavelli, and Marco Polo.

The Italian Studies Major is for students who are not necessarily interested in advanced language proficiency, but all the same are interested in a comprehensive understanding of Italian literature, history, society and culture to enhance their understanding of global diversity. The Italian Studies Major includes courses in Italian and English from the Department of French and Italian, and a selection of courses from the departments, centers and schools of: Architecture, Classics, English, History, History of Art, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Music. The overlap of course requirements with Classics, English, History, History of Art facilitates double majoring and we encourage students to consider shortcuts to double majors.

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Requirements for the Italian Studies Major

Courses taught in English with the Italian course listing in the Department of French and Italian

Courses outside of the Department of French and Italian taught in English

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