Italian Minor

Expand your world with a minor in Italian! Minoring in Italian is a great way to supplement your major(s) with additional skills. A minor in Italian will not only enable you to speak, read, write, and listen in a second language, it will also equip you with insight into another culture and that culture's rich history, literature, and arts, and teach you to think critically. The Italian minor is 15 credit hours. Most students are able to complete the minor in just a few semesters, and up to 6 credits of the minor may overlap with GE requirements. 

Italian Minor Course Requirements

Total Credits

The minor consists of 15 credit hours.


Italian 1101-1103 or Italian 5101.

Prerequisites do not count towards the 15 credit hours required for the minor.

Core Requirements

  • Required: Italian 2102
  • Choose three courses taught in Italian at the 300-level or above, one of which must be at the 4000-level or above.
  • Choose one course taught in FRIT in English. 


See a list of courses that count towards the minor.

    World Languages Skills and Competencies Workshop

    Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the World Languages Skills and Competencies Workshop before they graduate. It is offered once every semester.

    Study Abroad

    We strongly encourage minor students to study abroad! As you consider the options above, be sure to check out the study abroad programs in Italy: Study Abroad Programs. There are many exciting opportunities, and the credit earned in these programs can be applied to your minor requirements.

    Additional Notes

    • A minimum grade of C- is required in any course for it to count toward the major or minor. 
    • Up to 6 credits of 3798.01, 3798.02 and up to 9 credits of 5797 may be counted toward the minor. At least 3 of the 5797 credits must be graded credit (not K credit.) 
    • Up to 3 credits of any combination of 2193, 2194, or 5193 and up to 6 credits of 5194 may be counted toward the minor provided that they are taught in the Italian language.
    • Up to 3 credits of 4998 or 4998H may be counted toward the minor provided that the research is in the Italian language.
    • Transfer credit:  No more than one half of the credit hours required for the minor may be earned through transfer credit.

    Ready to declare or have some questions?

    Reach out to the Italian minor advisor Andy Spencer.

    Any variation from the program requires the approval of the minor advisor.

    For general information about completing a minor at Ohio State, view Arts and Sciences Minor Guidelines.