Italian Minor


Minor Requirements

Students interested in a minor in Italian are asked to contact Dr. Andy Spencer.4 for information about the minor. Students can file the Minor form with Dr. Spencer. 

  • The minor in Italian consists of 15 hours of course work beyond 1103 or 5101. All courses are three credits unless otherwise indicated.
  • Italian minors must take four courses taught in the Italian language. These courses must include Italian 2102 or a 3000-level course, and at least one 4000-level or above course taught in Italian. In addition, students take one course taught in English in the Department of French and Italian.
  • Up to 6 credits of 3798.01, 3798.02 and up to 9 credits of 5797 may be counted toward the minor. At least 3 of the 5797 credits must be graded credit (not K credit.)  All minors must take 2102 or one 3000-level course, and at least one 4000-level or above course taught in Italian.
  • Up to 3 credits of any combination of 2193, 2194, or 5193 and up to 6 credits of 5194 may be counted toward the minor provided that they are taught in the Italian language.
  • Up to 3 credits of 4998 (or 4998H) may be counted toward the minor provided that the research is in the Italian language.
  • Transfer credit hours allowed:  No more than one half of the credit hours required for the minor.

A minimum grade of C- is required in any course for it to count toward the major or minor. 

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the World Languages Skills and Competencies Workshop before they graduate. It is offered once every semester.

If you complete the minor following these guidelines, you need only file your Minor Program Form with your college office.  Any variation from the program described here needs the approval of the appropriate advisor in the Department of French and Italian or one of the advisors in Hagerty Hall, Room 355.


Course Requirements


Prerequisites are not credited toward the undergraduate major or minor: 1103 or 5101

Required course

Italian 2102

Options for courses taught in Italian

Italian 2193, 2194, 3103, 3220, 3221, 3222, 3223, 3224, 3330, 3331, 3332, 3570, 3798.01, 3798.02, 4191, 4223, 4224, 4225, 4226, 4330, 4998, 4998H, 5193, 5194, 5331, 5797.

Options for courses taught in English

Choose one from either of the following categories:

  • Courses taught in English that satisfy a GE requirement: 2051, 2052, 2053, 2055, FRIT 2061, 3051, FRIT 3052, FRIT 3053, 3797, FRIT 3054, CLLC 2301.01/.02
  • courses taught in English that do not satisfy a GE requirement: Italian 3797, 5051, 4401, FRIT 5061

For more info or to declare a major or a minor, contact the Advising Office at 292-8485.


2102: Contemporary Italian society

2051: Fictions of Italy: Medieval and Renaissance literature and society (GE)

2052: Fictions of Italy: Modern and contemporary literature and society (GE)

2053: Introduction to Italian cinema (GE)

2055: Mafia movies (GE)

2056: Love on the Italian screen (GE)

FRIT 2061: Mediterranean food culture (GE)

2193: Individual studies (1-9 credits)

2194: Group studies (1-9 credits)

CLCC 2301.01S (GE)

CLLC 2301.02S (GE)

CLCC 2302S (GE)

3051: Italian Romances (GE)

FRIT 3052: Mediterranean Migrations (GE) (Cross-listed with Comparative Studies)

FRIT 3053: The Black Mediterranean (GE)

FRIT 3054: The 21st-Century Skill: Intercultural Competence for Global Citizenship (GE)

3103: Styles and stylistics

3220: Italian culture through the ages

3221: Reading Italy: Italian literature and culture

3222: Modern Italian media

3223: The regions of Italy

3224: Post-unification Italy

FRIT 3301 Discovering Second Language Acquisition

3330: The Italian language through time

3331: The languages of Italy

3332: The sounds of Italian

3570: FLC Radio show

3797: Italy abroad (3-9 credits)

3798.01: The Italian City (3-9 credits) (GE)

4191: Internship in Italy

4223: Italian cinema

4224: Survey of Italian literature

4225: Italian identities

4226: Italian Theater Workshop

4330: Structures of the Italian language

4401: Language Planning and Policy in Italy Through Time

4998: Undergraduate research (Permission of instructor) (1-3 credits)

4998H: Honors research (Permission of instructor) (1-3 credits)

4999: Undergraduate thesis (Permission of instructor) (3-9 credits)

4999H: Honors thesis (Permission of instructor) (3-9 credits)

5051: Latin and the Romance languages

FRIT 506: The Global Mediterranean (Cross-listed with Comparative Studies)

5193: Individual studies (Permission of instructor) (1-9 credits)

5194: Group studies (Permission of instructor) (1-9 credits)

5331: History of the Italian Language

5797: Study at a foreign institution (1-9 credits)