Requirements for the Italian Studies Major



  • Italian 1103.01, 1103.02 or 5101

Requirements (30 credits)

  • (3 credits) Italian 2102
  • (6 credits) two 3000-level courses taught in Italian
  • (3 credits) one 4000-level or above course taught in Italian

Credits for content courses (not language courses) taught in Italy that have been pre-approved by an OSU advisor may replace these content courses in Italian from the Department of French and Italian.

Credits for content courses (not language courses) from any OSU-approved study abroad program in Italy that have been pre-approved by the advisor may replace content courses from the French and Italian Department.

Students are strongly encouraged to do a research project at the end of their studies and graduate with research distinction. Those wishing to do so may substitute 4 credits of 4999 or 4999H: Undergraduate thesis for one course taught in English. If the research topic has substantial focus on History of Art, History, or Classics, the student will be advised to have one advisor from Italian and one from the department of the chosen focus.

Students must earn at least a C- in a course in order for the course to be included on the major. A 2.0 cumulative grade-point average (GPA) is required for all major course work.

Courses taken on a Pass/Non-Pass (PA/NP) basis cannot be used on the major.

No more than one half of the semester credit hours required on the major can be credit hours transferred to Ohio State from another institution and/or credit by examination. (In other words, at least one half of the major hours must be credit from completed OSU coursework.)

If a student has one major, no overlap is permitted with the GE except as expressly allowed by the rules of the GE. If a student has two majors each major must contain a minimum of 18 hours not contained in the other and overlap with the GE is permitted where appropriate.