Picture for acosta-hughes.1

Benjamin Acosta-Hughes
Professor of Classics
(614) 292-2744
  • Hellenistic Poetry
  • Greek Literature

Picture for afanasyeva.1

Sonya Afanasyeva
Academic Program Coordinator
(614) 292-4983

Picture for Anderson.2299

Roger Anderson
French Lecturer
  • Foreign/ Second Language Education
  • French/ Arabic Language Teaching
  • Service Learning

Picture for antolini.4

Demetrio Antolini
Italian Graduate Teaching Associate

Picture for armstrong.202

Philip Armstrong
Associate Professor of Comparative...
  • Political Theory
  • Visual Culture

Picture for aski.1

Janice Aski
Professor of Italian & Romance...
(614) 292-8837
  • World Language Pedagogy
  • Italian and Romance Historical...

Picture for Bahoua.1

Maud Bahoua
French Lecturer
  • Criminal Procedure in France
  • Civil Procedure in France
  • French

Picture for berendt.7

Genevieve Berendt
French Graduate Fellow
  • French
  • Medieval French literature

Picture for bertossa.1

Michela Bertossa
Italian Graduate Fellow
  • Italian
  • Modern and Contemporary Italian...

Picture for bias.3

Rebecca Bias
French and Italian Lecturer
  • French Cinema
  • Technology in the Language...
  • CAAP Outreach Program to Ohio high...

Picture for Birckbichler.1

Diane Birckbichler
Emerita Professor of French
(614) 292-4361
  • Foreign language pedagogy
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Language policy

Picture for bishop.307

Beth Bishop
French Lecturer

Picture for bond.282

Elizabeth Bond
Assistant Professor of History
  • Early Modern European History
  • Environment, Technology, and...
  • Power, Culture, and the State

Picture for boone.44

Graeme Boone
Professor of Musicology
(614) 688-4724
  • Musicology

Picture for brodnicka.1

Monika Brodnicka
Assistant Professor of African...
  • African Literature and Philosophy
  • Islam in West Africa
  • African Traditional Religions

Picture for cabanes.2

Bruno Cabanes
Professor & Donald G. & Mary A...
  • Modern European History
  • Human Conflict, Peace, and...
  • Power, Culture, and the State

Picture for campbell.796

Kelly Campbell
French Lecturer

Picture for childress.71

Kirby Childress
French Graduate Teaching Associate
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • French Film and Bande Dessinée
  • Gender Studies

Picture for combs-schilling.1

Jonathan Combs-Schilling
Assistant Professor of Italian
  • Medieval and Renaissance Italian...
  • Dante Studies
  • Pastoral and Epic

Picture for conklin.44

Alice L. Conklin
Professor of History
  • Modern European History

Picture for coulson.1

Frank T. Coulson
Professor of Classics, Director of...
(614) 292-2744
  • Ovid
  • Classical Reception
  • Palaeography

Picture for demarneffe.1

Marie-Catherine De Marneffe
Assistant Professor of Linguistics
  • Computational linguistics
  • Pragmatics
  • Dependency representation

Picture for decamilla.2

Lauren DeCamilla
Italian Graduate Teaching Associate
  • Popular Italian Cinema
  • Horror Cinema
  • Feminist Cultural Theory

Picture for dehmani.1

Roufia Dehmani
French Graduate Teaching Associate

Picture for diallo.78

Thierno Diallo
French Graduate Teaching Associate
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Francophone Studies
  • Film Studies

Picture for emery.68

Ted Emery
Italian Senior Lecturer
  • 18th-century Italian and Venetian...
  • 18th-century Italian autobiography
  • Opera and opera libretti as a...

Picture for tsimi.1

Eric Essono Tsimi
Senior French Lecturer

Picture for estes.80

Darrell Estes
French Lecturer
  • Medieval French and Occitan...
  • French language and literature,...
  • French Canadian literature and...

Picture for fall.35

Alioune Fall
French Graduate Teaching Associate
  • African literature and...
  • Decolonial theory
  • African American and African...

Picture for farmer.109

Alan B. Farmer
Associate Professor of English
  • History of the Book in Early...
  • News Culture in Early Modern...
  • Venice in English, American, and...

Picture for fletcher.161

Richard Fletcher
Associate Professor of Classics,...
(614) 292-2744

Picture for flinn.62

Margaret Flinn
Associate Professor of French
  • French and Francophone cinemas
  • Critical Theory
  • Comics of the Franco-Belgian...

Picture for florman.4

Lisa Florman
Professor of History of Art
  • Historiography
  • 20th Century European Art

Picture for gianangeli.5

Lawrence Gianangeli
Italian Graduate Teaching Associate

Picture for graf.65

Fritz Graf
Distinguished University Professor of...
(614) 292-7810
  • Greek Epigraphy
  • History of Scholarship
  • Ancient Religions and Mythologies

Picture for grawemeyer.2

Julia Grawemeyer
French Lecturer

Picture for hawkins.312

Tom Hawkins
Associate Professor of Classics,...
(614) 292-2744
  • Iambic invective
  • Imperial Greek literature
  • Greek poetry

Picture for heller.64

Sarah-Grace Heller
Associate Professor of French
  • Medieval French literature,...
  • Medieval Occitan literature,...
  • Fashion theory and material culture

Picture for Hendricks.3

Leta Hendricks
Librarian at African American Studies...
  • French Rap Music
  • Gaming and Teaching
  • Hip Hop Culture

Picture for heysel.1

Garett R. Heysel
Assistant Dean, Arts & Humanities
(614) 292-5130
  • Early 20th Century French...
  • Queer and Gender Studies in French
  • Cultural studies

Picture for bourriaudhoffmann.1

Audrey Hoffmann
French Lecturer

Picture for hoffmann.312

Benjamin Hoffmann
Associate Professor
  • 18th-century French literature and...
  • Transatlantic Studies
  • Creative Writing

Picture for holland.1

Eugene Holland
Professor of Comparative Studies
  • Critical Social and Cultural Theory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Comparative Literature

Picture for horn.5

David Horn
Professor of Comparative Studies
  • Cultural and social theory
  • Social technologies
  • Cultural and historical studies of...

Picture for johnston.2

Sarah Iles Johnston
Arts & Humanities...
(614) 292-2058
  • Religions of the Ancient...
  • Myth
  • Archaic Greek Poetry

Picture for jones.76

Kay Bea Jones
Professor of Architecture

Picture for kashdan.3

Harry Kashdan
Postdoctoral Researcher in The Global...
  • Mediterranean Studies
  • Food Studies
  • Comparative Literature

Picture for keller.428

Adam Keller
Administrative Manager
(614) 292-8633

Picture for kleinbub.1

Christian Kleinbub
Associate Professor of History of Art...
(614) 688-8186
  • 15th & 16th Century Italian...

Picture for klopp.2

Charles Klopp
Emeritus Professor of Italian
  • Italian Literature and Culture of...
  • Literature and Culture of Trieste

Picture for knapp.79

Ethan Knapp
Associate Professor of English
  • Critical Theory
  • Medieval Literature

Picture for kobo.1

Ousman M Kobo
Associate Professor of History
  • African History
  • Comparative Empires
  • Human Conflict, Peace, and...

Picture for leadston.1

Mackenzie Leadston
French Lecturer
  • French Cinema
  • 20th Century Philosophy and...
  • Comedy

Picture for lechintan.1

Adela Lechintan-Siefer
French Lecturer
  • French-language cinema and...
  • Romanian language and cinema
  • Teaching visual texts

Picture for liu.737

Morgan Lui
Associate Professor of Near Eastern...
  • Ethnographic approaches to cities...
  • Anthropology of the state,...
  • Oil and energy industries in...

Picture for marx-scouras.1

Danielle Marx-Scouras
Professor of French
  • Contemporary French &...
  • Intellectual history & theory
  • Popular Music

Picture for Mayne.1

Judith Mayne
Emerita Professor of French
  • French cinema
  • Feminist film studies

Picture for migliori.2

Guiliano Migliori
Italian Lecturer
  • 19th-21st cultural and visual...
  • Modern and contemporary Italian/...
  • Critical theory, phenomenology and...

Picture for Mingallon.1

Denis Mingallon
French Lecturer

Picture for hawkins.552

Julia Nelson Hawkins
Associate Professor of Classics
(614) 292-2744
  • Latin Poetry
  • Ancient Medicine
  • Reception of Hellenistic Culture...

Picture for noyes.10

Dorothy Noyes
Professor of English and Comparative...
  • Ethnography
  • Folklore Studies
  • Performance

Picture for oleary.176

Alan O'Leary
Visiting Scholar
  • Film
  • Cultural studies
  • Videographic criticism

Picture for osullivan.15

Sean O'Sullivan
Associate Professor of English
  • British Romantic &...
  • Film Studies
  • Narrative Theory

Picture for Wysokinski.1

Carla Onorato
Italian Lecturer

Picture for parson.30

Julie Parson
French Lecturer & Individualized...
(614) 292-9137
  • French Cinema of the 1950s
  • Women's Cinema
  • Gender Studies

Picture for peretti.3

Luca Peretti
Visiting Assistant Professor in Italian
  • Italian media
  • Film history
  • Non-fiction cinema

Picture for racevskis.1

Karlis Racevskis
Emeritus Professor of French

Picture for renga.1

Dana Renga
Department Chair and Associate...
(614) 292-4938
  • Italian cinema and television
  • Mafia studies
  • Film theory, trauma theory,...

Picture for roberts.797

Douglas Roberts
French Lecturer
  • Law
  • French
  • Litigation

Picture for rosenstein.1

Nathan Rosenstein
Professor of History
(614) 292-7645
  • Ancient History
  • Military History
  • Comparative Empires

Picture for scaltriti.1

Erik Scaltriti
Italian Graduate Teaching Associate
  • Italian Cinema, Literature, and...
  • Media Studies and Digital...
  • Migration Studies and Postcolonial...

Picture for schlosser.73

Kate Schlosser
French Lecturer
  • 20th & 21st Century...
  • Maghreb and Mascarene Island...
  • Women's Francophone Literature

Picture for schoon.2

Danielle Schoon
Senior Lecturer, Department of Near...
  • Turkish Studies
  • Romani Studies
  • Performance Studies

Picture for sellman.13

Johanna Sellman
Assistant Professor in NELC
  • Contemporary Arabic literature
  • Migration and Diaspora
  • Translation Studies

Picture for sessa.3

Kristina Sessa
Associate Professor of History
(614) 292-7244
  • Ancient History
  • Medieval History
  • Power, Culture, and the State

Picture for shelton.85

Andrew Shelton
Professor of History of Art
  • 18th & 19th Century European...

Picture for siegel.83

Jennifer Siegel
Professor of History
(614) 292-0314
  • Diplomatic History
  • Modern European History
  • Military History

Picture for skinner.176

Ryan Skinner
Associate Professor of Musicology
  • Ethnomusicology, Cultural...
  • African Studies, Diaspora Studies

Picture for strader.24

Sean Strader
French Lecturer

Picture for Suslina.1

Aleksandra Suslina
French Graduate Teaching Associate

Picture for torrini-roblin.1

Gloria Torrini-Roblin
Senior French Lecturer

Picture for toth.297

Lucille Toth
Assistant Professor of French (Newark...
  • Contemporary French Culture
  • Dance Studies
  • Medical Humanities

Picture for troyan.14

Francis Troyan
Faculty Member at School of Teaching...
  • World Language Teacher Education
  • Bilingual, Multilingual, and...
  • Performance and language assessment

Picture for ward.1116

Fiona Ward
Italian Graduate Teaching Associate
  • Italian
  • Linguistics

Picture for weintritt.1

April Weintritt
Senior Lecturer of Italian

Picture for white.541

Joseph White
French Graduate Student
  • Poststructuralist theory
  • Postcolonial poetics
  • Polyphony, heteroglossia,...

Picture for whitesel.23

Christiana Whitesel
Fiscal Associate

Picture for whittington.78

Karl Whittington
Associate Professor of History of Art...
(614) 688-8183
  • Medieval Art and Architecture

Picture for willging.1

Jennifer Willging
Associate Professor of French
  • 20th- & 21st-century French...
  • France and the Second World War
  • French-American cultural relations

Picture for winford.1

Don Winford
Professor of Linguistics
  • Variationist Sociolinguistics
  • Creole Linguistics
  • Contact Linguistics

Picture for winnubst.1

Shannon Winnubst
Professor of Women's Gender and...
  • Queer Studies
  • Race Theory
  • Psychoanalytic Theory

Picture for wong.240

Wynne Wong
Professor of French
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Quebec Studies

Picture for zammarchi.1

Enrico Zammarchi
Italian Graduate Teaching Associate