Picture for aski.1

Janice Aski
Professor of Italian & Romance...
(614) 292-8837
  • Foreign Language Pedagogy
  • Italian/Romance Historical...

Picture for Birckbichler.1

Diane Birckbichler
Emerita Professor of French
(614) 292-4361
  • Foreign language pedagogy
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Language policy

Picture for bray.49

Patrick M Bray
Associate Professor of French
  • Modern French Literature
  • Literary theory, critical theory,...
  • Science and literature

Picture for combs-schilling.1

Jonathan Combs-Schilling
Assistant Professor of Italian
  • Medieval and Renaissance Italian...
  • Dante Studies
  • Pastoral and Epic

Picture for flinn.62

Margaret Flinn
Associate Professor of French
  • French and Francophone cinemas
  • Critical Theory
  • Comics of the Franco-Belgian...

Picture for heller.64

Sarah-Grace Heller
Associate Professor of French
  • Occitan language & literature
  • Medieval French language &...
  • Material culture & fashion

Picture for hoffmann.312

Benjamin Hoffmann
Assistant Professor
  • 18th-century French literature and...
  • Transatlantic Studies
  • Creative Writing

Picture for kashdan.3

Harry Kashdan
Postdoctoral Researcher in The Global...
  • Mediterranean Studies
  • Food Studies
  • Comparative Literature

Picture for klopp.2

Charles Klopp
Emeritus Professor of Italian
  • Italian Literature and Culture of...
  • Literature and Culture of Trieste

Picture for marx-scouras.1

Danielle Marx-Scouras
Professor of French
  • Contemporary French &...
  • Intellectual history & theory
  • Popular Music

Picture for Mayne.1

Judith Mayne
Emerita Professor of French
  • French cinema
  • Feminist film studies

Picture for peretti.3

Luca Peretti
Visiting Assistant Professor in Italian
  • Italian media
  • Film history
  • Non-fiction cinema

Picture for racevskis.1

Karlis Racevskis
Emeritus Professor of French

Picture for renga.1

Dana Renga
Department Chair and Associate...
(614) 292-4938
  • Italian cinema and television
  • Mafia studies
  • Film theory, trauma theory,...

Picture for schoon.2

Danielle Schoon
Postdoctoral Researcher in The Global...
  • Turkish Studies
  • Romani Studies
  • Performance Studies

Picture for toth.297

Lucille Toth
Assistant Professor of French (Newark...
  • Contemporary French Culture
  • Dance Studies
  • Medical Humanities

Picture for willging.1

Jennifer Willging
Associate Professor of French
  • 20th- & 21st-century French...
  • France and the Second World War
  • French-American cultural relations

Picture for wong.240

Wynne Wong
Professor of French
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Quebec Studies